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Will Live Music Venues Really Reopen in 2021? (Yes! We Have a List of Them)

It has been almost a full year since the Coronavirus has caused concerts across the entire world to close their doors to the public, and after anxiously waiting for a light at the end of the darkened, concert-attendee tunnel, we are starting to see live music venues reopening in 2021!

Some states are opening up faster than others of course; those in the Southeastern United States, like Florida and Tennessee, seem to have more venues open than their counterparts in other parts of the country. Nonetheless, all venues are taking safety precautions into consideration for their events in order to ensure a safe and fun experience for all guests. We know it can be confusing to try and figure out which venues are open, which venues are temporarily closed, and which companies are on standby from their state’s mandated covid rules, but below you will see a list of concert halls that have announced plans to open up. (And if you want to see a frequently updated list of nightclubs, festivals, and concert venues that are reopening across the U.S. click the link here).

With that being said, here are the dates for various live music venues reopening in the United States broken down into which region of the U.S. they reside in! (It should be noted that these facts are subject to change over time, and this information is current as of 1/27/2021).  

Western United States

1. Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado: April 16th

Red Rocks Amphitheater will have its first performance this year on April 16th and subsequently has many other events lined up throughout the next few months. It is an outdoor venue that provides guests with a view of the stars when the sun sets, making it a gorgeous place to rock on to your favorite bands. The Red Rocks Amphitheater website noted that their concert dates are subject to change at their discretion, but if you are eager to stay up to date on their decisions you can track the concert updates here to be notified of any major changes to their music schedule.

2. Hollywood Bowl in California: May 6th

The first performance scheduled for Hollywood Bowl is set for May 6th with a performance from Russ. While this venue is opening up relatively early in comparison to other places, there are only six shows booked from May through October. Pretty slim pickings, unfortunately, but if you are interested in artists like Russ or Andrea Bocelli, then this is your place to go! And if you’re ready to rock out at Hollywood Bowl, check out the tickets here.

Northeastern United States

1. Madison Square Garden in New York: July 13th 

Madison Square Garden will be opening its doors to the public in mid-July with a performance from Justin Bieber on his World Tour and will have subsequent shows featuring Jojo Siwa. There are currently not many 2021 shows scheduled at this venue, but those in charge have made sure to implement social distancing guidelines and frequent sanitizer stations throughout the building to maintain the safety of the concert attendees. Be the first to know if Madison Square Garden changes or adds any performances by checking out this website here!

2. Radio City Music Hall in New York: April 21st

Radio City Music Hall scheduled their first 2021 performance for April 21st. Their lineup this year features some pretty well known artists like John Legend and Alicia Keys, so if these artists interest you check out their ticket listings here! While the total number of shows that they have scheduled so far is still pretty low, this venue is implementing new guidelines for managing nightlife amongst the virus, and will be actively updating their safety protocols as needed.

3. Brooklyn Steel, New York: April 26th

Brooklyn Steel is temporarily closed but it intends on hosting its first live performance on April 26th. This venue is planning to put on quite a few shows this year, but you should know that there are equally as many that have been either postponed or cancelled. If you already have tickets for a performance here or are interested in going to one, be sure to double check the status of the show here to make sure that you are aware of your concert status. If you are interested in watching a live performance here, book a ticket soon because artists like Shallou and Rina Sawayama are scheduled to perform in just a few months.

Southeastern United States

1. Ryman Auditorium in Tennessee: February 16th

Ryman Auditorium is also hosting many shows this year with their first performance scheduled to occur on February 16th! This venue is doing something a bit different to account for the virus by selling both in person and online live stream tickets. In-person ticket costs are about $100, while a live stream ticket is $16. If you are interested in singers like Louis Thomilson or Milky Chance, you have the option to watch them from the comfort of your own home, no matter which area of the world you are in.

2. Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee: Currently Open

Grand Ole Opry is much different than other venues, because this venue has been open every weekend since the year began. They have performances scheduled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week until July, giving you ample opportunity to watch a concert live in 2021. 

3. The Foundation in Florida: March 31st

The Foundation in Florida hosts their first show of the year on March 31st, and is one of the many live music venues reopening that features a performance by Milky Chance. Other events will feature major singers like Jojo Siwa and Maroon 5. So far, this venue only has seven shows scheduled for this year so be sure to check out their tickets before they get sold out.

4. The Vanguard Florida: February 5th

The Vanguard is opening extremely soon with their first performance from Diplo on February 5th. A really cool feature that this venue has is Lot 54: an outdoors, 4-acre music venue that is jointly hosted by Insomniac and The Vanguard. Guests can reserve a six person table for bottle service, and frequent safety protocols are practiced throughout the duration of the performance to ensure a healthy night for all attendees. If you are interested in the Vanguard check out their ticket listings here!

5. The Tabernacle in Georgia: April 9th

The Tabernacle’s first scheduled concert of the year is on April 9th, with a performance by Milky Chance. Other major artists like Kaleo and LP are scheduled to perform in subsequent months, as the venue currently advertises a total of 10 shows from April to November. If you are going to be near The Tabernacle this year check out their upcoming events here.

Southwestern United States

1. Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma: June 25th

This venue does not have many shows scheduled for this year, however they will be debuting a live music event on June 25th featuring Banda MS. Other concerts this year will be Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, and Jojo Siwa, who will predominantly perform in September so if you are a huge fan of these artists you should check out the ticket listings here! 

2. Gila River Arena in Arizona: June 5th

This Arena will have its first live music performance on June 5th, featured by Justin Bieber on his World Tour. Other major artists that are scheduled to perform here are The Weeknd, Jojo Siwa, and Tame Impala. So far there are seven total live music shows scheduled for this venue so if you are interested in any of these artists take a look at their website and book a ticket fast!

Midwestern United States

1. Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Illinois: June 22nd

This venue is reopening its doors to the public on June 22nd and is expecting to hold many concerts this year. Major artists who plan to perform here include Maroon 5, Meghan Trainor, and Santana & Earth Wind and Fire. They have shows scheduled through September so be sure to take a look at their ticket listings if you plan on being in the area this year!

2. The Fiserv Forum in Wisconsin: September 10th

The Fiserv will re-open its doors a little later in the year, with its first live music performance scheduled for September 10th. The late date will give you lots of time to buy tickets, however there will only be a few performances in this venue. Michael Buble, Tame Impala and Elton John are some of the few artists who will be performing here, so if you are interested in any make sure you look into The Fiserv Forum!

As you can see, there are many potential live music venues reopening in 2021. These are some of the major event centers that we could find, but if you are unsure about going to such a large concert hall this year rest assured that there are many smaller nightclubs that have been opening back up as well. And if you feel like the year-long concert break has made your dance moves a little stiff, check out this quick dance move guide before you arrive at the concert to freshen up on some dance skills!

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