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Top 5 Best Nightclubs in Denver [Updated 2022]

Denver, Colorado: the place where the worlds of urban sophistication collide with rustic adventure. Denver is a city known for its enthusiasm for the outdoors which persists in its world-class cultural attractions, thriving craft breweries, high quality dining, and red-hot music scene, all within easy reach of the Rocky Mountains. Nightlife in Denver is scorching hot. On any given night, you’ll find local and national artists playing a vast array of genres in clubs throughout the metro area. From the chic lounges and happening hotspots in Larimer Square and LoDo to the pulsating dance floors of the South of Colfax Nightlife District. One thing is for certain, the Mile High City knows how to let its hair down and party in style.Plan out your night on Discotech.


A truly unparalleled experience

Designed to be the ultimate experience for music enthusiasts, created by artists, Temple Nightclub offers a nightlife experience that is unrivaled in the Mile High area. From their awe-inspiring, fully immersive state of the art lighting and visuals, to their thundering custom sound system that is paired with world-class talent and theatrical production, guests will be enjoying the best there is in Denver nightlife. This club is run by the same folks who are responsible for the iconic Temple nightclub in San Francisco and they bring the same level of nightlife to the Denver location. Upon entering, visitors will be teleported into a higher dimension of nightlife. The three-story main room cathedral showcases lively scenes of excitement and grandeur. The nightclub offers an atmosphere of unparalleled cohesiveness where all of the theatrical lighting and production elements were conceptualized and designed for the entire space to be in sync like a single organism pulsating to the rhythm of a single heartbeat. Guests will be able to see the best EDM performances in Denver at Temple courtesy of artists like Afrojack, YG, Trey Songz, AC Slater and more.

The Church

Take yourself to Church, they do mass a little differently

The Church is a unique space that has an expansive range of appeal. Originally built in 1865, what was once a holy parish for the community is now a popular nightlife sanctuary that is home to the most premier dance parties and gets pumping three nights a week, Friday through Sunday. Keeping its original gothic architecture, the stained-glass windows and intricate woodwork make for a truly unique atmosphere while on the dance floor. A state of the art Void sound system helps take this is a classically designed club to the next level and transform into a space that draws in the best DJs both nationally and internationally.

Black Box

Go underground and feel the music vibrate through this space

Black Box first opened its doors to the Denver public in 2016. Powered by a passion for music  that often elude the mainstream, the Black Box carves a home for underground sounds at the foundation of Denver’s booming electronic music landscape offering a space that is a refuge from the everyday and a home for experimentation and heartfelt emotion. The venue lives by its motto “Moving People Through Sound, Not Hype” and strives to deliver an experience to its guests that mirrors its mission. When it comes to their approach for live events, their unwavering standard of quality coupled with dedication to dubstep’s sub frequent tradition is more than evident. Denver’s devoted home for underground music is designed to encompass the total sound system experience. The dual-room venue, which is 18+, is fully equipped with a powerful, state-of-the-art custom Othorn/Funktion-One/Tannoy combination system built by Basscouch. Black Box is a haven for artists, audiophiles, and party goers alike, and serves as the headquarters for Colorado’s underground music community.


4 levels of different music = endless entertainment

1082 Broadway opened its doors in 1993 under the name Vinyl but this historic location has long been the home to various nightclubs for decades, even operating as a speakeasies and cabarets dating back as early as the 1930s. Nowadays, Vinyl is a four story nightclub located at the iconic address that strives to provide an upscale nightlife experience to patrons with a diverse selection of music genres. Vinyl never deviates from its mission to provide a superior nightlife experience and succeeds at the club with its Funktion-one sound system on the main floor, a rooftop deck with fire pits, and VIP provisions. This venue features different music including national talent on every floor, proving that they have something for everyone to enjoy.


Your night is better when you go to Beta

Beta nightclub is a venue that is known for its revolutionary and trendsetting behavior. It is the first and only club in the world with a 90% environmentally green rating and is also the first and only club in North America to boast a Function-OneDance Array 4 Speaker Stack System. With its private and exquisitely designed VIP areas, Beatport Lounge and revolutionary world-class lighting and video system, Beta has gained international recognition and is hailed as the #1 club in the country, according to many. With multiple innovations and constant evolution of the nightly production elements, they strive to bring a full sensory experience to all of their customers. At this dance club unlike any other, guests will be able to enjoy the top DJs from around the world as they dance the night away.

Denver Nightclubs FAQ

What time do Denver Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs in Denver open around 10:00 PM.

What time do Denver Nightclubs typically close?

Most clubs in Denver close at around 2:00 AM.

What are the best EDM clubs in Denver?

The best EDM Clubs in Denver include: Temple Denver, Black Box, Bar Standard, and Vinyl.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Denver?

The best hip hop clubs in Denver include Milk, Dorchester Social, and the Church.

Is weed legal in Denver?

Recreational marijuana is 100% legal in Colorodo! As long as you are 21 years or older, you have a constitutional right to possess and consume marijuana in Colorado. Previously, tourists in Colorado were restricted to purchasing 7 grams or less, while Colorado residents could purchase up to 28 grams. This law changed in June 2016, and now both tourists and residents can purchase 28 grams in a single transaction.

What part of Denver has the best nightlife?

Denver’s quintessential nightlife spot, LoDo offers many of the city’s most popular dance clubs and bars. The ideal place to spot-hop, grab a pedicab between drinks to give those tootsies a break. From packed dancing joints to high-end cocktail lounges, LoDo has it all.

What is the dress code like at Denver Nightclubs?

Guys should wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt to participate in Denver nightlife. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for Denver Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Denver Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.

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