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Top 10 Reasons Why Divorce Parties are a Great Idea

Getting a divorce can be an emotionally costly experience. Leaving a loveless marriage, a toxic relationship or even a relationship after growing apart can be a difficult choice so congratulations on making such a decision. Now is the time to celebrate healing, and leaving the past behind. You once had a bachelor party to welcome your marriage, so it’s only fair to have a farewell party. As you turn a new page, here are 10 reasons why you should have a divorce party:

1. A Proper Goodbye

Regardless of how long your marriage lasted, you need a space to vent out your feelings to have a proper goodbye. Whether you’re still emotionally eating ice cream at midnight or completely moved on, a divorce party will give you a proper sendoff to a new life. Think of it as your way to fully let go without any hesitations. 

2. Ruin the Dress

You loved the dress but it also reminds you of the day you made a horrible mistake. So ruin the dress! Grab your dress, get it dirty, paint over it, burn it, do what makes you feel better. Maybe have the rest of the gals bring their thrifted dresses to ruin them too. Not only the dress, you can throw away old pictures, clothes and anything that will hold you back from moving forward. 

3. Creative Cakes

It’s your night to have fun and forget about the painful memories. Buy a cake that maybe resembles your feelings or just a funny decor. Let your imagination go wild, a cake doesn’t only taste delicious but the decorations can bring you joy seeing your ex-partner headless or thrown in the trash. Better yet, have a cake decorations contest and get ready for the loudest laughs and hilarious jokes all night. 

4. Excuse To Drink

All night long. No reason to stop, only reasons to drink. It’s your day to be free, no judgment, just your gals and your wine bottles. Maybe it has been a while since your last drunken days, but it’s time to bring it on. Whether you’re trying to have a classy night with wine glasses or hard liquor shots, raise your glass and don’t put it back down till you can’t anymore. Enjoy your night like no one is watching.

5. Single And Ready To Mingle

You’re free from marital obligations, a divorce party is the perfect signal that you’re ready to mingle. I’m not saying go straight into a relationship but meeting new faces can help you heal faster and maybe forget for a bit. Remember, there are so many fishes in the sea so get out there and leave your ex-partner behind. 

6. Get Your Squad Back Together

Maybe you haven’t seen the girls or guys in a while and you just miss them. Take this chance to gather up the squad for a fun night. Cracking some jokes, nostalgically remembering fun college memories or even planning your next trip together are the remedy for healing. Seeing those faces you’re comfortable with and love is much needed.

7. Fun Decors & Games

It’s a divorce party, anything is allowed. Be as creative as you can, the decorations can be hilarious and fun. You can have simple decorations with food or you can go bigger. Bring a pinata to release some built up anger in a safe manner. Maybe have vision boards for everyone to make goals for the upcoming year or sing your lungs out during karaoke. It’s your night, nothing is childish, do what you want and enjoy it to the max.

8. You Can Be Anywhere

It doesn’t have to be in your backyard. Grab your bag and head out to Las Vegas for a weekend. Tired of your city and want to go somewhere new? You can! Take a break and go party somewhere else. Go to Miami for the best pool parties. If you want something more chill, go to Temecula for wine tasting. 

9. Gifts

Your friends will want to help you feel better so it won’t be surprising if you get a couple of wine or beer bottles or selfcare packages as gifts. Think about it, you might not need to pay for alcohol for while. Depending on your friend group, maybe you will get some creative and funny gifts that will put a smile on your face. 

10. New Beginning

Like I said earlier, a divorce party is the perfect way to say goodbye so it’s the best way to welcome your new life. Once you get your closure, you can finally start anew. Clean slate, excited for new and fresh experiences. Getting a divorce is not the end, it only marks the beginning of a new chapter. A divorce party shows how strong you are to overcome a difficult experience and a small reminder of how to have fun. 

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