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Top 10 Reasons Why Dadchelor Parties are a Great Idea

Baby showers have long been celebrated by women for welcoming motherhood across the world. But nowadays, more and more men are being a part of pregnancy and childbirth in delivery rooms and they deserve their own baby showers. Think bachelor party, a group of close guy friends get together and have a final send off party, but this time it is the last hurrah before the dad-to-be actually disappears for the next 18 years. Fatherhood is a whole job so sneaking in one final outing to say good-bye to the bros is a must. Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why dadchelor parties are a great idea:    

1. A Day To Embrace Fatherhood

From a dude to a dad. It is the perfect way to celebrate becoming a dad and embrace fatherhood. Becoming a dad can be exciting, stressful and even scary so having a fun event with close friends can  lessen nervous thoughts and gives the dad-to-be a way to welcome the new lifestyle to come.

2. Time With The Boys

From cracking up jokes to sharing nostalgic memories of night outs, having a day for the boys is always fun. Everyone can take a break from adulting and gather up with the squad under their own rules without limits. Typically, women are not invited to dadchelor parties so it’s a great time to bring back immature college memories for one last time, judgment free. 

3. Endless Games

It’s a man shower, so it’s not surprising that there will be a lot of silly and fun games. From drinking beer in baby bottles, putting on baby diapers, to blindfold feeding, the options are endless. As everyone’s competitive side comes out, games just add on more laughs. The games can be crazy so get ready to wear something comfortable for all unusual activities. 

4. Center of Attention

It’s the dad-to-be’s time to shine. Baby showers have been celebrated for women for centuries and the dads-to-be have been forgotten so seeking a bit of attention is very valid. Matching T-shirts to point out the baby daddy in the group is just the way to go. 

5. You Can Be Anywhere

From Las Vegas to Miami, there are endless possibilities. Depending on the budget, anything from traveling somewhere, going to a lake or even meeting up in a backyard are all great places to celebrate. Maybe a pool party, a nightclub or a yacht day can be just the right celebration needed. Just remember, if the party is somewhere far, make sure to host it at least a month before the mom-to-be’s due date in case of an emergency. 

6. Any Theme

Only the imagination can limit the theme options. Depending on the squad and sense of humor, these themes can be ridiculously fun. Themes like TV parents or baby dress ups, poker night or even construction workers with baby kits. As long as a dad-tastic theme is chosen, fun is guaranteed.

7. Free Diapers

The boys must pay their entry fee, each guy got to bring a pack of diapers. Booze is provided, but diapers are gifted. And with that, the dad-to-be would not need to spend money on diapers for months, maybe even a year depending on how many friends they got. Plus opening up other gifts for the baby can be exciting and very much appreciated.

8. “I drink ‘till I’m Drunk”

There’s going to be a lot of it. There is no better reason or an excuse to drink without feeling guilty. With booze everywhere, getting those hangover pills ready would be a smart choice. Huggies and chuggies all day with no exception so maybe that’s how dad’s beer belly started.   

9. BBQ Time

When the guys are around, BBQ time is a must. Taking a break from all the games, standing around the grill, and sharing laughs with some beer is just ideal. Maybe while the grill is going, fathers that are at the party can share their experience and wisdom with the dad-to-be to make him feel more at ease and less nervous about fatherhood. 

10. The Last Hurrah

Farewell, from beer bottles to baby bottles and stinky diapers. As the dad-to-be’s priorities change, late nights and early mornings will become the lifestyle instead of night outs. It will be a while before the child can be left alone with the mother so this is the last chance for the dad-to-be to have fun, one last time. 

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