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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dallas in 2022

The city of Dallas is home to great national monuments, museums, and of course the famed Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, and Stars. The gorgeous city has much to offer residents and tourists alike. With huge sporting events and fun places to explore, Dallas is a fun, upbeat city that has seen lots of growth over the past couple years in every sector.

When it comes to nightlife in particular, the city is unmatched in its entertainment options available to residents and visitors to meet the massive demand for high-end nightclubs. Often the sports hotspots are what get the most attention when people think of Dallas, however this does not mean that the nightlife is lacking in comparison. Some of the hottest and most unique nightclubs in Texas can be found in Dallas. With that being said, let’s check the top ten nightclubs in Dallas.


  The Top Nightclub in Dallas

Found in the middle of the Uptown Entertainment District on McKinney Ave., Theory hopes to bring outstanding service, revolutionary audio/visual, and mind-blowing production elements together to provide guests with a truly unique nightlife experience. Guests are welcome to sit at VIP booths, go out to the well decorated patio, drink at the various bars, or hit the dance floor while they enjoy their night at Theory. The music is always pumping at the club with local and traveling headlining DJs and performers putting on shows to the beat of the latest hip-hop, house, and top 40 tracks. Theory Nightclub Uptown is the perfect place to have a wild and memorable night of partying, drinking, and mingling in an upbeat fun environment.

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 A Club With Lots to Offer

To the owners of this Dallas nightclub, located near the golden mile of Uptown restaurants, Citizen refers to someone who feels at home and comfortable. At Citizen nightclub, they have tried hard to emulate an atmosphere where everyone can go at their own pace and enjoy themselves. Whether you want to relax quietly with a friend and enjoy a drink or two in the early evening, wander through a gorgeous patio during the dwindling moments of daylight, party on the dance-floor well into the dark, or sit at the bar during happy hour, the energy made at Citizen, through its versatile arrangement of their bar and lounge, aims to serve any and all desires. Late at night when the nightclub portion of Citizen takes on a more dynamic energy, guests are able to enjoy the bartenders hopping up on the tabletops while the servers light sparklers under the white smoke created by CO2 getting pumped out of the beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. The room takes on a hazy sultry vibe as DJs crank up the music and the lights come down low, becoming indistinguishable from the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. This bona fide and upscale cocktail lounge features a carefully created cocktail and champagne list, an excellent food menu, and architecture well-suited to all manner of people.  Citizen presents the finest environment in which you can enjoy and indulge yourself and most importantly be yourself without fear of judgment.

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Truth & Alibi

 A Hidden, Password Protected Bar with a Prohibition Theme

The mastermind twin brothers Chris and Mark Beardon decided to make the entrance of the nightclub Truth & Alibi behind The Original Deep Ellum Candy Company, a tiny candy shop. As clubbers enter the building, one by one they move towards the Willy Wonka-esque candy shop’s ‘secret’ door which requires a password to enter and that takes them into a dark, long room. On one side, a bar, and on the other, a collection of couches and chairs that serve as tables. The candy shop front is meant to mirror the types of shops that covered up night clubs and bars during the prohibition era. Under the cover of many waterfall chandeliers, deep blue lights, and roaring 20s themed furnishings, guests are able to enjoy drinks from an extensive cocktail menu, tasty finger foods and appetizers and music from a selection of the hottest DJs that Dallas has to offer.

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Punk Society 

 A Fun Punk Themed Bar in Deep Ellum

Arranged like an anti-establishment establishment, Punk Society is an innovative hybrid bar and lounge in the middle of Deep Ellum, Texas. More than just a punk rock bar, the venue hopes to be a space where punk is about being rebellious and refusing to let society dictate your life no matter your age. The venue’s design was inspired by the retro era of the Punk music scene but also takes cues from rebellious movements in other music genres including Rock n’ Roll, Hip Hop, EDM, etc. With a venue that is so centered around music, Punk Society strives to provide its guests with the best music and performers in the city. Their music format showcases some of the best DJs in DFW and guest headliners from around the world.

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Concrete Cowboy

The Perfect Blend of Sports Bar and Nightclub

Designed by the So Clutch Group, with half a dozen locations all over the country, Concrete Cowboy is a high-energy restaurant, lounge, and sports Designed by the So Clutch Group, with half a dozen locations all over the country, Concrete Cowboy is a high-energy restaurant, lounge, and sports bar. They pride themselves on being a “party bar for adults”.  At this upbeat and lively Uptown bar, guests will be able to enjoy the best Happy Hours in the city. If you don’t want to go to another fancy nightclub, this is the place to let off a little steam. The Concrete Cowboy offers fun bar games to their guests for the ones who came for socializing, while the ones who came to watch the game can enjoy themselves by turning to one of the many 115″ HD TVs places all over the place. There is also an incredible sound system for the nights that patrons want to get down and bust some moves on the dance floor and a beautiful outdoor patio for those that want to take in the breeze while sipping from their beer. A great staff truly cements the great experience that can be had at the Concrete Cowboy in Dallas.

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Tipsy Alchemist

 A Specialty Cocktail Bar Unlike Any Other

Established in 2016, The Tipsy Alchemist is the best place in Dallas for elevated cocktails and drinks. The bartenders that own and operate the venue make it their job to not only serve their guests delicious cocktails courtesy of their refined mixology skills, but to also make it a stunning performance that blows patrons’ minds away by showcasing the special techniques that they use in the art and science of creating the best drinks in the background of a sexy lounge. The Alchemist part of the club’s name can be seen from the steampunk furnishings and stylish décor which makes guests feel like they’re in the mysterious science lab of a mad alchemist who is on the hunt to create the elixir of life.

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Bottled Blonde

An Oasis Built for Those Looking to Enjoy a Great Meal and a Drink 

Originally part of a pizza chain that was founded in Arizona, the Bottled Blonde, located in Dallas, is one of Texas’s most popular bars with another location in Houston. Besides their amazing pizzas, the venue is known for its electric dance floors, heart-racing music, and huge televisions broadcasting non-stop sports events. At night, guests are able to enjoy the shimmering light displays as they join in on the lively dancing and imbibe on the amazing concoctions made by the bartenders at one of the two full bars. Creative and mouth-watering dishes from the kitchen are served to the rustic Italian style seating. The Bottled Blonde combines the casual atmosphere of a restaurant and a bar into one electrifying nightlife venue. From Brunch Specials to Dinner and Take-Out, they pride themselves on offering an incredibly fun environment and delicious menu options that will satisfy your cravings. Bottled Blonde offers reservations for their busier times which is always a plus, as well as private parties and VIP experiences.

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Stereo Live Dallas

The Perfect Place to See Your Favorite DJs / Musicians

Established in 2016, Stereo Live Dallas bridges the gap between retro and modern, letting the unique structure of the venue shine through even with all the new age, cutting-edge production and adornments they have added to the place. A magnificent 1970s polyhedron mirror disco ball is the centerpiece of the venue which also features a top-of-the-line DAS sound system and state-of-the-art lighting to bring the space to the next level of nightlife entertainment. The massive venue has a capacity of 1,400 which allows room for everyone on the dance floor, on nights that renowned artists take the stage. The venue is exciting, very fun, and known to attract some of the biggest names in EDM. At Stereo Live Dallas, guests will be able to enjoy themselves and create long lasting memories in a friendly, fun, and safe environment.

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As far as nightlife goes, Dallas is a second-tier market behind the top-tier nightlife destinations of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami. That being said, Dallas doesn’t trail that far behind. It is a rowdy college/postgraduate town, a booming urban metropolis, and the business epicenter for many American industries including big oil and agriculture. There is plenty of affluence, chic, and modernity in big “D” – it’s not all cowboy boots and plaid. As such, Dallas does have a surprising variety of upscale high-end lounges and nightclubs to whet one’s appetite for expensive drinks in dimly lit cosmopolitan settings surrounded by beautiful people.

The answers given on this and similar threads will be good answers at the time that they’re given; however, they run the risk of becoming outdated if they aren’t already – some of the clubs mentioned may not even exist anymore.

To keep up with the constantly changing Dallas party scene as well as find the perfect nightlife scene fit for you, if you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide to nightlife in the Big “D” here: Dallas City Nightlife Guide. Note that most clubs that are open on weekends also have one signature weeknight for which they are known to draw bigger crowds, e.g. Pilikia on Wednesdays or Parlay on Mondays.

Dallas Nightclubs FAQ

What are the hottest clubs in Dallas?

The best clubs in Dallas currently are Bottled Blonde, Concrete Cowboy, Punk Society, Theory, and Truth and Alibi.

What are the best music festivals in Dallas?

The most popular annual music festivals in Dallas include: Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Old 97’s Country Fair, JMBLYA, Oaktopia, Riverfront Jazz Festival, and Homegrown Music and Arts Festival.

What part of Dallas has the best nightlife?

Uptown – If you’re looking for something casual try The Old Monk, Idle Rich, The Loon, Katy Trail Icehouse, and the Gingerman. If you’d like a more young professional crowd, Hotel Zaza, The Ritz Rattlesnake Bar, or Oceanprime would be good choices.

What are the best gay clubs/bars in Dallas?

The best gay clubs in Dallas include: Hidden Door, Dallas Eagle, The Tin ROom, Alexandre’s, Woody’s JR Bar & Grill, Sue Ellen’s Round Up Saloon & Dance Hall, Station 4, and The Grapevine Bar.

What are the best day parties for day drinking in Dallas?

The best places for day drinking in Dallas include: Happiest Hour, The Quarter Bar, HG Sply Co, SODA Bar at NYLO Hotel, The Nines, Bar Belmont, Saint Rocco’s, Dodies, Sundown at Granada, STIRR, and 32 Degrees.

What time do Dallas Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

What time do Dallas Nightclubs typically close?

Most close at 2:30 AM – 3:00 AM.

What is the dress code like at Dallas Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice dark, jeans and a good fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button-down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer to. Of course, guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for Dallas Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Dallas Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.

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