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Rum Fest 2024 Promo Code

Use discount code DISCO to get a 20% discount on your tickets to All Rum Fest events in 2024 below!

The USA is considered one of the most important countries for the entire rum industry. Before the American Revolution, rum was the most consumed spirit, and now an awakening is occurring.

Our team is the producer of the Puerto Rico Rum Fest “Taste of Rum”, California, the Chicago Rum Festival, and the Miami Rum Congress. All events attract hundreds of people from trade, rum aficionados, tourists, & locals. The team behind Swizzle Tiki Bar and are proud to celebrate the 1st Texas Rum Festival. The event will be held at 2616 Commerces Event Center.

Use these links to purchase tickets and get 20% off to All Rum Fest events here:

Texas Rum Festival 2024

Chicago Rum Festival 2024

New York Rum Festival & Conference 2024

Los Angeles Rum Festival 2024 (PopUp)

San Francisco Rum Fest & Congress 2024

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