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Park ‘N Rave Guide: 9 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Time

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come to take your rave gear out of storage and start prepping to party, because Insomniac has officially announced one of their most creative events yet: Park ‘N Raves. If you are unfamiliar with the term or how these events work, we can help you out with this Park ‘N Rave Guide.

A Park ‘N Rave is an EDM drive-in concert that takes place at the NOS event center in San Bernardino. Concert-goers can enjoy the music from the comfort of their cars, and they can also get out and dance in a designated parking area assigned to them. It slightly changes the typical rave experience in order to ensure the health and safety of all guests but still allows EDM fanatics to enjoy the rush and thrill of live EDM music. If you are not familiar with how these concerts operate, take a look at these 9 tips to ensure that you are prepared for your first ever Park ‘N Rave!

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1. The Layout

We know that part of the rush at EDM concerts comes from partying with strangers and creating memories with those you accidentally (or purposefully) bump into while head banging on the rails, but in order to accommodate safety protocols Park ‘N Raves have adopted a more spaced-out approach. When you enter the venue you will be assigned a fenced off 12×20 foot spot to park your car. This is where you and your fellow ravers will have the freedom to dance, eat, and sing along to all of your favorite songs. (This cool new feature ensures that every car has their very own rail…head bangers this is your time to shine!) 

2. The Location

After understanding the layout of these events, it’s probably a good idea to know where they are being held. All Park ‘N Raves are held at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California, and tickets can be purchased online through this link here. If you have not experienced it already, we must warn you that SoCal traffic can be quite messy and unpredictable. So make sure to be safe and incorporate some extra travel time into your schedule to ensure that you are on time to the show! 

3. When to Arrive

Insomniac has a pretty strict policy about entering the venue. Gates will open an hour and a half before the show begins, but if you arrive after the show starts there is a high chance that you will not be allowed into the venue. And since we all know that no one likes FOMO, it would be wise to arrive within the specified time frame on the day of the concert.

4. How to Arrive

Rideshare vehicles cannot drop off guests. This means that you and your friends must coordinate to arrive in the same car before the show, where you will then present a single ticket upon entry. In the event that you and your friends are taking multiple cars, it is important to get in line at the same time. This is because cars are stationed inside the venue according to how they line up, which makes it impossible for you to save a spot for your friends if they are in line far behind you.

5. Number of People Per Car

One car ticket is valid for up to five people. You are allowed to bring an eight seater car, however there is an additional fee for any group over five. Insomniac does not allow entry to more than eight people per car, and they inspect vehicles upon entry. (So try not to go around scheming to sneak an extra person in…it won’t work).

6. The Cost

The cost of a ticket is dependent on how close you are to the stage. So, if you purchase a seat closest to the stage your ticket costs start at $400, but if you buy a ticket furthest from the stage your ticket costs start at $200. This ticket accounts for five people, and will increase in price depending on how many extra friends you bring along. If you want to see an exact ticket guide for the Park ‘N Rave to view precisely how ticket prices increase as you move closer to the stage check out this link here! 

7. What Insomniac Will Provide

Once inside the venue, you can order food and alcoholic drinks via an internet website. Concert workers will bring you your order, which means that you won’t have to miss any parts of the show by waiting in line for food and drink! In addition, the ends of each row of cars will have bathroom stations equipped with hand sanitizer, soap, and running water. 

8. What to Bring

While these concerts will have food and drink to purchase, it is still encouraged to bring any sealed snacks and non-alcoholic beverages that you want! Lights, inflatables, flags, and many more decorations are also allowed so that you can personalize your parking spot and your rave experience. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and this new opportunity will allow you to get totally creative with what you and your friends decide to bring along. 

9. Safety

To ensure the safety of you and your rave fam, make sure to keep your masks on at all times unless you are consuming food and drink. Be sure to wash your hands after using the restroom, and try not to encroach on any other cars’ designated parking space. Lastly, please do not drink and drive. Since ride shares are not allowed at the venue you will be responsible for driving your car out, which means designated drivers are a must! 

There you have it ravers! We hope that this Park ‘N Rave Guide has prepared you for your first Park ‘N Rave and that you are just as excited as we are to get back into the nightlife scene. However, if you would rather go to a more traditional concert because Park ‘N Raves don’t seem to be your thing, check out the link here to see some singers that are performing in 2021!

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