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Most Exclusive Upscale Nightclubs in Los Angeles

Looking to party with celebrities in the city of angels?

These exclusive Los Angeles nightclubs are not for the faint of heart. Packed full nearly every night of the week with local scenesters, beautiful trust-fund babies, wide-eyed college kids,  and Hollywood’s industry elites, there’s a good chance that you run into a celebrity (might be C-List, but hey that counts!!!) grinding on the dance floor, or catch an artist dropping in for a quick performance. All in a night’s work for places where the ultra-expensive table minimums start in the thousands. Have your status and your cash or card at the ready to get past the doorman at these night-time playgrounds of the rich and the famous; you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the most well-heeled selection of LA high society, and they like to party fast and hard.  Most of these upscale venues do not do general admission – admission for ladies is at the door’s discretion, admission for guys requires bottle service or a doorman in a rare good mood.  Without further adieu, here are the most upscale – and most expensive – of the top nightclubs in the City of Angels:

warwick lounge los angeles


For 6+ years, Warwick has been endlessly lauded by celebrity glitterati, globetrotting party people, and hospitality industry insiders alike as one of THE BEST nightclub experiences in the world. The venue perfectly captures the chic vibe and glamorous ethos that has defined Hollywood for a century, while incorporating unique modern touches such as tableside craft cocktail service, ultra-friendly service staff, and themed interior design decor that changes periodically to create the fresh feel of a brand-new upscale venue.  The “X” you’ll see in Warwick’s social media posts refers to Warwick’s tenth and current remodel, which calls to mind a pink-hued secret garden with fresh flower arrangements hanging from the ceiling and walls.  (The previous remodel No. 9 was a dimly lit French brasserie; No. 8 was an airy, colorful Moroccan bazaar theme.)  Weekend nights are certainly can’t-miss, but it’s the Wednesday nights here that are what partying in Hollywood is all about.


MainRo has been years in the works with project delays starting all the way back in 2019, but now the wait is over! This mega-club and restaurant combination is a brilliant addition to the Hollywood nightlife scene, and has quickly become the talk of the city with celebrities and club going enthusiasts claiming that it has instantly made it’s way into the the category of one of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles. With its instant success, the best way to guarantee entry into MainRo is to secure a table with bottle service. MainRo feels like a new take on the clubstaurant movement that took over Hollywood, and adds in cutting edge technology to give it an updated and fresh feel. The food menu at this massive 7,500 sq ft venue offers a culinary pallet the takes inspirations from the flavors of French, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes, so you’re sure to find something that will always bring you back.

Bootsy Bellows

Formerly known as the Trousdale Lounge, actor David Arquette revamped this space into a nightclub in 2012 and named it after his mother. Bootsy Bellows is a luxurious celebrity hotspot that sports a swanky vintage style courtesy of a multimillion-dollar remodel completed in 2019. With a rosy pink hue, bright green accents punctuated by a plethora of live house plants, sparking chandeliers viewed through a reflective main bar, and plenty of plush banquette seating, the space radiates a vintage Hollywood shimmer. A night at Bootsy will rarely go by without a celebrity sighting, but it’s no easy feat to gain entry particularly with a male-heavy group – bottle service is the only surefire way into the greatness that lies within.


The latest SBE concept in the former Greystone Manor space, Nightingale is an avant-garde nightclub named after Hollywood’s after-party-rich Bird Streets.  The entrance leads to an elegant lounge with surreal wallpaper strewn with phantom limbs, flowers with eyes and the occasional extraterrestrial dinosau; the owners enlisted the acclaimed Rockwell Group for the design. Inside, guests can lounge, dine, or dance in four distinct environments. Between a sculpted fire place, mid-century banquettes and the state-of-the-art kinetic ceiling covered in 15 folding mirrored panels over the dance floor, there is something for everyone. The ceiling starts in a closed position and over the course of the evening, as the energy builds, the mirrored planes gradually unfold revealing a digital light show above creating a dramatic reflective landscape.

The most Instagrammable feature is the Rockwell Group-designed wallpaper, inspired by exotic foliage and magical surrealism. Plus, there’s a photo booth, lined in the wallpaper, that can easily fit eight-plus people. But have a game plan upon entering and your camera phone ready to rock, because mastering the boomerang-like GIF setup can take a minute. It’s only a matter of time before Nightingale gains mention in a hip-hop song, just like Drake and The Game did for its predecessor, Greystone Manor; in fact, Nightingale still shouts out its legendary past life with its signature Greystone Sundays event which for years has been a well-attended meetup/party for the up-and-coming actors, musicians, and creative artists of Black Hollywood.

hyde sunset kitchen empty venue

Hyde Sunset

A high-end dinner spot from 6-10pm, Hyde Sunset transforms into a top go-to place for celebrities and affluent club-goers when the clock strikes midnight. Its capacity is relatively smaller – only 500 max – and thus the doormen can be pretty selective (but hey, you already knew that). However, that doesn’t stop this place from being one of the best hip-hop venues in one of the most trafficked tourist areas of the city.   Weekdays are for young Hollywood, where fashionable artists and college kids (and NBA players) mingle to a mix of hip-hop classics and new radio cuts; on weekends, bigger-name stars and their entourages fill up the couches (and sometimes even take the stage).  When you’re ready to see and be seen, hop on our app and schedule a night to “Hyde” out with your besties.


Creatures of the night will be drawn down below to Sunset, a highly anticipated modern and new kind of gathering place in the spirit of the dozens of clubs that dotted Sunset Strip in the 60’s and 70’s. Over 4 decades after creating Studio 54, New York’s legendary disco club, Ian Schrager introduces Sunset, his first West Coast nightclub within the basement of The West Hollywood EDITION. Bringing a new and refined nightlife experience to The Sunset Strip, Sunset has quickly become LA’s “it” spot, upholding a high level of musical integrity by bringing in world-renowned DJ talent, curated by acclaimed DJ Zen Freeman, weekly.

Weekends at Sunset’s “Music Unannounced” concept confer more of a traditional dance party atmosphere without promoting or publicly announcing featured talent in advance; weekdays are performance-driven live music and vinyl nights and feature a specialty bespoke cocktail menu, creating more of a social atmosphere.  Regardless of the day of the week, getting past the door is harder than getting onto a movie set…. which makes sense given all the celebrities you’ll see “hard at work” once you’re lucky enough to land on the exclusive inside.


Another mega-hit venue from the H.Wood group, Poppy is a concept that portrays a fantasy world filled with an extensive menagerie of characters from a storybook setting.  Guests are whisked away into a surrealistic dream to find themselves among a whimsical bohemian cast of modern mermaids, peacock poppies, garden gypsies, baroque decor layers, and human animals.  As swinging storytellers provide visual entertainment amongst a musical backdrop of high-energy hip-hop hits, guests may dance, socialize, or lounge in the beautifully decorated labyrinth of indoor rooms and outdoor areas. As a magical touch, entrants to this guarded space  may personalized poems, caricature portraits, and perhaps the most coveted of treasures: bottled spirits encapsulated in oversized roses, oyster shells, and crystallized bathtubs served at luxurious VIP booths by tastefully dressed role-playing hostesses.

Highlight Room

The Dream Hollywood’s final concept is here, and boy it’s a beaut. The Highlight Room takes over the rooftop and poolside at the boutique mod hotel, which officially opened in 2017 with some of the sweetest views in all of the City of Angels. With clear vistas looking out to the Hollywood Hills and beyond, the venue is clearly outfitted to become an evening party space, what with speakers galore, two DJ booths, and bottle service.

The far corner of the rooftop contains a decent number of dinner tables, where full white-gloved service is provided to guests ordering delicacies such as hamachi crudo, lobster toast, chopped chicken salad, and grilled prawns, with some amazing views to boot.  The southern stretch of the space feels more like a nightclub, with low-flung tables and and pricey cocktails (Ace of Spade bottles run a cool $1K, for the ballers out there). Revelers looking to relax by the pool, which takes the center of the rooftop, could sip on a boozy watermelon lemonade while taking bites of wagyu sliders and pea hummus while watching guests with higher energy-levels dance, dance, dance the night away.

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