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JANUARY GLOBAL THEME: We’re Doing Something New


Welcome to the evolution of Daybreaker.

The last five years have been magic, and we are not stopping the dance, play, joy, community and special mornings we’ve created together. This is the foundation of Daybreaker and that’s not going anywhere. What we realized is that we want to unify all our cities together and be a voice for UNITY across the world in the face of all the divisiveness and walls going up. We want to hold hands and show the world that together is truly better.

So our new focus is:  GLOBAL UNITY ?.

Here are three major changes we’re making starting in January.


Monthly Global Themes.✨

From now on, each month, we’ll be dancing to ONE theme across ALL Daybreaker cities around the world. ? Imagine the entire Daybreaker community from country to country all dancing to one unified playful theme that also highlights a social cause we care about.

Monthly Global Give Back.✨

We are now a community of almost half a million which means we have the power to make a massive difference if we use it right. ? $1 of every U.S. ticket going forward will go towards a global or local charity around that month’s giveback. And if you feel called to that particular giveback, there will be an additional option for you to give even more. Let’s uplift the good stuff in the world and dance behind it hundreds of thousands strong.

Monthly Global Music Video.✨

Let’s uplevel the mischief and inspire the world. At every Daybreaker each month, we’re going to make a music video on our dance floors that highlights every city — imagine 24 cities all dressed in the same costumes, moving together to the same songsame dance move, same cause. #mindblown You and your friends from all around the world can now participate in creating a time capsule together. We’ll record clips from every city, mash them into ONE epic video that we’ll share far and wide to highlight our global theme and giveback. You’ll be sent the choreography in advance of every event. It will be simple, easy-to-learn and fun so on Daybreaker morning, when the song comes on, you’ll know what to do. ?

So without further ado…

Our January Theme Announcement✨

JANUARY is an exciting time for renewal, known for inspiring fresh starts and new beginnings. Our souls’ deepest intentions come to play and for once — we give ‘em a shot. But so often, we give up, fall short or throw in the towel come February.

Imagine if we had community members from 24 cities behind us, inspiring us to see our resolutions through.

This month, from coast-to-coast, country to country, the global theme is:

?✨DANCE DANCE RESOLUTION✨?— Daybreaker’s New Year’s celebration at sunrise.

We’ll bring to the dance floor every resolution we want for ourselves, and dance to them with conviction and the support of thousands.

They say before we go out and spark change in the world, we must first change the things that crave changing within.

Dress inspiration is ✨sparkling white.✨

This one’s all for you.


Find your city’s January event here.

Check out our Pinterest Board here.


JANUARY GIVEBACK: charity: water?



Esteban Brenman illustrated the beautiful pen and ink scene of white doves flying from a woman’s brain — a representation of the clear mindset that leads to action.

He is a Daybreaker Buenos Aires’ Community Catalyst & Producer who happens to be an epic illustrator in his spare time. When Esteban isn’t illustrating or producing Daybreaker events, you can find him running an advertising company, cooking, doing woodwork in his workshop, traveling, and enjoying time with his family.

Theme for Feb: Love ❤️. If you have an illustration idea and would like to be considered for a feature in next month’s invitations, please email

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