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Is A Boat Party The Best Way To Enjoy Miami Music Week 2022? (Spoiler: It Is)

History is full of some iconic combinations: peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, and a beautiful girl and an old billionaire to name a few, but when it comes to parties, nothing elevates the experience more than combining it with a boat. There’s something about the freedom of the open water as you sip a hand-crafted cocktail with the sun on the horizon that lets the weight of the world just fall off your shoulders.

If you’re like the rest of us and have been dying to set sail on one of Miami’s world famous boat parties, then you’re in luck because Miami Music Week 2022 is just around the corner! 

Miami Music Week 2022 is one of the biggest electronic music events in the country, and hundreds of thousands of people come every year during the month of March to live like there’s no tomorrow. This year, Miami Music Week 2022 is going to be hosting a ton of amazing events, so clear your calendars and get ready to hop aboard some of the fantastic boat parties that have just been announced.

To start off the action, Auris has announced their Arc at Sea yacht party on Saturday, March 26th, which will feature Justin Martin as the main DJ. This highly exclusive event is not something that you want to miss, and tickets start at $60. You can reserve your seat and purchase tickets to Justin Martin – Life Aquatic – ARC AT SEA here.

This next event features an artist that both literally and metaphorically promises to rock the boat with his electronic and house music. Join us on Sunday, March 27th for Dombresky – On A Boat as Dombresky creates a high-energy party complete with beautiful views, delicious drinks, and more. Prices start at just $65 and you can get your tickets to Dombresky – On A Boat here.

Another highly anticipated event is the Anjunafamily Boat Party which will be held on Friday March, 25th. One amazing thing about this yacht is that tables and bottle service will be available. This means you’ll be sitting on the lap of luxury as you get the full VIP treatment. You’ll get to hear music from artists like Reboot, Jaytech, Fatum, and more. Tickets start at just $50 while tables start at $375 (reserved for up to 4 guests). You can reserve your table or purchase tickets to Anjunafamily Boat Party here.

With hundreds of thousands of people coming to Miami and only a handful of boat parties announced so far, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that these tickets won’t last long! You can choose from our full list of boat parties here:

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