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Fremont Street Bar Crawl (Downtown Las Vegas) Promo Code

Use discount code DISCO to get $2 off your tickets to the Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street Bar Crawl.

This coupon code is valid for all standard crawl tickets.

How this Fremont Street bar crawl works: Meet our professional party hosts at the starting venue, Hennessey’s Tavern, to check-in and pregame! From there, we bar hop and explore Fremont Street, aka Old Vegas! Our final stop on Fremont will be a liquor store, where you can grab your drink of choice for our BYOB party bus! We’ll cruise around in style back to the Las Vegas Strip, and over to an epic party on the Strip! (Final venue and full lineup posted on our website)

What’s included in this Fremont Crawl:

  • Exclusive Drink Specials at all Fremont Street venues
  • A BYOB Party Bus Ride
  • Entry into all venues we visit (no cover charges)
  • Photos throughout the night
  • Professional party host(s)

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