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Epic Miami Bar Crawl Promo Code

Epic Miami Bar Crawls is one of the best club crawl operators in Miami. They’ve been around for years and have excellent reviews on Tripadvisor and Facebook.

Use promo code DISCO to get $2 off your club crawl ticket purchase here. This discount code is only available on regular nights, not holiday weekends.



Epic Miami Bar Crawl

Get ready for the ultimate Miami nightlife experience with the #1 Miami Bar Crawl. Party at the best bars in Miami, receiving free entry and exclusive drink specials at all! This electrifying event is tailor-made for true party enthusiasts, promising a night of unforgettable fun and memories.

What’s included in this Miami Bar Crawl:

4-5 bars venues
FREE, express entry to all venues
Drink specials
Amazing party hosts to ensure your night runs smoothly
Photos of the crawl
optional AFTER-PARTY at a Miami Nightclub (free entry included **must be in nightclub dress code)



How this Miami Bar Crawl works:

Meet your party hosts at the first venue listed on the lineup, to check-in and enjoy and kick your night off with fellow party goers. Your party host will lead the group to all of the epic venues on the lineup, ending at one of the best bars in Miami. View our line-ups on our website on Tuesday of each week, to see the lineups for that upcoming weekend.

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