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Edition 96: Our Holiday Wish For You✨?

Photo: @jtsuhar

Our last dances of the year have come to a close, and as we scurry off to go “home” for the holidays — we’re in awe of how you’ve re-shaped the meaning of that word for us. Home. It’s not just a place anymore — it’s a feeling.✨ It’s not dependent on a certain location anymore — it’s global, floaty and free. ?Home is no longer reserved as a space to share with relatives who have known us since the womb — home is created every time we move our bodies together and encourage each other to say YES to our primal expression of dance.

As we reflect on the year, these moments of “home” you’ve created in the sunrise have become our greatest gifts.? You’ve offered this community ultimate freedom, unity and creative expression— no fancy bows required.

Thank you for continuing to lead us home. Home to ourselves. Home to our deepest truths. Home back to what makes our souls sing.?

Our first dance floors of 2019 have been announced. See you at “home.” ?✨


Happy solstice.
Merry everything.
May the end of your year be bright.?

With love & mischief,
// Radha + Eli + Team Daybreaker

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) ☝️

News about our Daybreaker Evolution was revealed last week. If you missed it, you can catch up on the exciting deetz here. ?

Then bookmark these pages! ?

Our January dress inspiration so you can sparkle into the New Year accordingly.

Our January choreography so we can dance into 2019 together as one (you can also click to play above)?.

Our January giveback charity: water. Soak up all the awesome things they’re doing.?


Then Come Yoga & Dance?

a glimpse into what we’ve been scheming…

✨ For DC, imagine: dancing inside SAAM’s Renwick Gallery to send off “No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man” with love and mischief…

Come dance away in DC

For MIA, imagine: yoga inside the stunning Faena Forum, a Twin Hearts Meditation of Master Choa Kok Su, a soundbath, 2 fitness tracks, dancing our hearts out…

Come dance away in MIA…

For SEA, imagine: our first dance in First & Bell,  DJ Bgeezy on the ?, Shannon Eyre, dazzling surprises and so much more…

Come dance away in SEA…


We’ve Got a Bday in The Fam✨

(happy birthday to Tobey, aka @tobra133, who spent her big day dancing with us at our San Diego launch last weekend! ?)

“What a lovely birthday! A week later I am still basking in the afterglow.

Thanks #daybreaker for launching in San Diego on my birthday! And what a perfect gift to be showered in the musical talents of @tah_rei and Chance Tobar on horns.

Dancing with my love @christopherkuhlmeyand dear friends @360joules and @daybreakerlove was the perfect way to begin my birthday!

More surprises and comfort of dear friends followed. Thanks San Diego Family for reminding me of how loved I am.❤️

My 40s promise to be the best decade yet!! Much love! ?”



Mischief Mission:
Zest up your holiday messages.?

Out of office this week? ?⛷
Get creative with your email auto-response.


?Craft something heartfelt yet shareable into your auto-response. Here’s this week’s intention to make it easy (show some love to our fab @jtsuhar when shared plz?).

?Use this “OOO generator” we just found to make your contacts smile. We tried it and we’re ROFL’ing.?

? Search holiday GIFs and use them to craft a more colorful response.



This Week’s Intention?

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the light or the mirror that reflects it.” 

— Edith Wharton


May you feel home this holiday season — whatever “home” means to you.
Your Daybreaker Fam?


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