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Edition 91: Hi!✨

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”- Anonymous

Happy Sunday, Daybreaker Fam!

~ N E W S ~

✓ Our holiday lineup started rolling out this past week, including our 5th Anniversary Celebration of Daybreaker.☀️ Since our move-ment first began 5 winters ago, hundreds of thousands of friendships have forged, almost half a million souls have unlocked and now the energy of this global community beats from every corner of the world. So on Friday, November 30th, meet us in our flagship city of NYC. We’ll pay homage to every human who has woken up to dance since the beginning of our time together. We’ll have special guests from around the world, a massage station, lavender mists to awaken the senses + surprises aplenty — all yours to enjoy.✨

✓ Daybreaker Philly just announced their first-ever DUSK event. This is an important moment of history for any Daybreaker city as we take the move-ment to reimagine the evening hours. Let’s tango beneath the stars and do “happy hour” differently. There’s mischief that sparkles in a silvery moon, too.?

 Keep following our adventures around the world on IG stories, where you can explore our most recent mischief in SF, Miami, Paris and NYC.

Then see you on the dance floor soon. Where? We’ll leave that up to you… ??



What Happens After You Wake Up From A Dream?: The ONE Concept You’ve Got To Explore… ?

Elliott LaRue, the ORIGINAL voice and Emcee of Daybreaker, has crafted this community-wide conversation starter?? — and it’s all for you.

Watch the vid above to noodle more. ✨?

Then click here to dance it out. ?


Then Come Yoga & Dance IRL… ?

A taste into what we’ve been scheming.

✨For SEA, think:
 our coziest sunrise of the year, pop up performances, creative pizazz, it’s dreary in Seattle; let’s add a splash of color…

T-minus 10 days, SEA…

For DC, think: one last tango before the New Year swoops, twinkly lights, nestled in a cozy winter morning, DJ Nick Garcia, magic awaits…

Early bird tix just released, DC!

✨ For LA, think: swimsuits and tinsel, a beach-inspired morning, sunny surprises, let’s go on a holiday for the holidays…

Happy Holidays, LA-style.



“If You Know You Are Missing Something In Your Life, Seek It Out.” (we love you, Shaylah!✨)

Two months ago I went to my 2nd Daybreaker. @love.radha, the CEO & co-founder of @dybrkr, told an inspiring story about the importance of community. It touched me and motivated in ways that my soul needed (but I didn’t even know how much I needed). I grabbed a copy of her book BELONG and began reading that night.

I was inspired to make a change. To let go of fear.

The next day, I sat down at a cafe and wrote my intentions, what I wanted to let go of, what I wanted more of (meaningful relationships, sense of accomplishment, etc), and a plan of simple, yet impactful actions to bring/attract these things into my life.

Since that day, my life has somewhat transformed. I have seriously been Law-of-Attracting everything I desire and need into my life!

If you know you are missing something in your life, seek it out. Do the work. Don’t expect happiness to come on its own. Take action and build a life you love. If you need some help with this, going to Daybreaker events and reading BELONG is a great place begin. ❤️



Mischievous Mission…✨
turkey day activity idea.

How to shake things up at your family Thanksgiving this year:

(turn ? the tv, turn ? the connection)

Give everyone at the table these instruction: write your name at the top of your napkin.

Use one word to describe yourself and write it below your name. ✏️

Pass your napkin to the right ➡️ and have the person next to you use one word to describe you as well. Keep doing this until all napkins have circulated.

Read them aloud and share in all the beautiful differences that make each member of your family unique. ?



This Week’s Intention✨(you matter.)

If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”

— Fred Rogers

See you on a dance floor soon! ?



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