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Drai’s After Hours Promo Code

Use discount code DISCOTECH to get a 10% discount on your tickets to Drai’s After Hours in Las Vegas NV.

You can buy tickets to Drai’s After Hours here.



The legendary Drai’s After Hours has solidified it self as the ultimate nightlife institution in Las Vegas. For more than 25 leading years, the venue continues to be the quintessential after hours hotspot, setting the industry standard with its eclectic vibe and intimate atmosphere in the epicenter of the Las Vegas Strip!

The club is located underground where it originally opened in the Barbary Coast. Plain and simple, if you’re looking for after-hours fun on the Strip, this is the place to be. Cashing in on everything saucy about after-hours, Drai’s digs deep to give you a club experience like no other.

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