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Concert Tours In 2021 You Need To Watch Out For

Have you been itching to get out of the house and back into the world of music? Well we have some good news for you: a collection of major artists have rescheduled their concert dates and have decided to tour this year! Below you will find the top artists who are participating in 2021 concert tours, where you will be sure to find an artist that satisfies your concert cravings.

1. Justin Bieber: June 2nd – August 15th

The ‘Justin Bieber 2021 World Tour’ kicks off on June 2nd in San Diego, CA. Kehlani and Jaden Smith were originally intended to open for Bieber, but due to the date changes they are only performing at a select few shows. With that being said, click on the link here to view tickets, but choose your tour date wisely if you are dying to see Jaden and Kehlani crush it on stage with Justin Bieber!

Total Shows: 45 | USA: 40 shows | Canada: 5 Shows

2.The Weeknd: June 12th – November 11th

In his ‘After Hours’ Tour, The Weeknd will open up his first concert on July 25th in Paris, France. With over 60 shows the artist’s concert tour in 2021 will hit both the North American and European continents, providing ample opportunity to perform in front of his international audience. With openers Sabrina Claudia, Don Toliver, and Black Atlas, his concerts will be sure to provide a wide range of musical talents that all concert attendees can jam out to. Check out The Weeknd’s ticket listings here.

Total Shows: 66 | USA: 38 Shows | Canada: 8 Shows | UK: 7 Shows | Germany: 4 Shows France: 3 Shows | Sweden: 1 Show | Denmark: 1 Show | Norway: 1 Show | Belgium: 1 Show | Netherlands: 1 Show | Czech Republic: 1 Show

3.Lady Gaga: July 25th – August 27th

For all of the Gaga fans out there who have been absolutely dying to sing along to “Rain On Me” in a live setting, make sure to grab tickets quickly! Gaga’s ‘The Chromatica Ball’ tour begins July 25th and features only 6 shows, making her ticket numbers extremely limited. Check out the ticket prices for these six shows here!

Total Shows: 6 | USA: 4 Shows | France: 2 Shows

4. Harry Styles: August 14th – October 31st

After his smash hit “Watermelon Sugar,” which provided the world with an upbeat 2020 summer anthem, Styles is kicking off his concert tour on August 24th in Washington, CA. The shows will feature Jenny Lewis, who will open in all 41 of Harry Styles’s concerts. You can find tickets to his shows by clicking on this link here.

Total Shows: 41 | USA: 40 Shows | Canada: 1 Show

5. Snoop Dogg: June 11th – September 11th

2020 was a year of many surprises, with one of the surprises involving Snoop Dogg, a new song, and a Spanish music style. Snoop co-released the song, “Qué Maldición,” that is a mixture of West Coast Hip Hop and Banda, surprising everyone with his new choice in genre. He will be showcasing his wide range of musical talent in a concert tour in 2021, beginning with an April 21st performance in Atlanta, GA. View all of Snoop Dogg’s performances and their tickets listings by clicking on this link here!

Total Shows: 9 | USA: 5 Shows | UK: 4 Shows

6. Maroon 5: March 9th – July 21st

Known for their major throwback hits such as “Sugar” and “Sunday Morning,” Maroon 5 kicks off its tour on March 9th in Bogota, Colombia. Their latest song, “Nobody’s Love,” debuted in October of 2020, so be sure to check it out before buying the tickets to their concert!

Total Shows: 43 | USA: 39 Shows | Canada: 2 | Colombia: 1 Show | Caba: 1 Show 

7. Pitbull: March 27th – June 25th

That’s right everyone! Mr. Worldwide is rejoining other artists in the concert tours of 2021, debuting his set of performances in Indio, CA on March 20th. With throwbacks like “Give me Everything” and “Time of Our Lives,” who wouldn’t want a live chance to party with Pitbull? If you’re interested in seeing him live, check out his ticket listings here.

Total Shows: 11 | USA: 11 Shows

8. Michael Bublé: July 9th – November 10th

If you are looking for a more mellow concert to ease you back into the concert scene, Bublé’s music is the perfect fit for you. His 2021 tour will kick off in Exeter, UK on July 9th, and will also make appearances in many other countries across North and South America. View all of Buble’s shows and ticket prices here.

Total Shows: 46 | USA: 24 Shows | UK: 12 Shows | Mexico: 4 Shows | Brazil: 4 Shows | Argentina: 1 Show | Chile: 1 Show

9. Green Day: March 13th – August 25th 

Green Day very recently released its latest album, “No Fun Mondays,” in November of 2020. Their tour is in honor of this album and is truly international, hitting three continents in just six months.  You can view all of the tour dates and ticket prices by clicking on this link here.

Total Shows: 48 | USA: 20 Shows | UK: 3 Shows | Germany: 3 Shows | Japan: 3 Shows | Italy: 2 Shows | Philippines: 1 Show | Malaysia: 1 Show | Taiwan: 1 Show | Thailand: 1 Show | South Korea: 1 Show | Singapore: 1 Show | Russia: 1 Show | Finland: 1 Show | Sweden: 1 Show | Norway: 1 Show | Denmark: 1 Show | Austria: 1 Show | Czechia: 1 Show | France: 1 Show | Belgium: 1 Show | Netherlands: 1 Show | Ireland: 1 Show

As fellow concert fanatics, we completely understand the difficulty in narrowing down which artists you choose to see because all of them have such incredible talent! Picking just one or two of the best concert tours in 2021 will be tough, but we know that no matter which artist (or artists) you decide on, you and your concert crew will have an amazing time together. And if you need a little reassurance that concerts will return, check out this article that explains Ticket Master’s plan to vamp up concert production this summer!

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