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Best EDM Clubs in Chicago

For the most part, luxury night clubs play a mix of hip hop music with EDM (electronic dance music). EDM clubs in Chicago tend to draw a crowd of fun, lively people that love to get down on the dance floor. Your experience, however, depends on your budget and preference of venue. Come find shelter from the weather of the Windy City at one of the fun-filled clubs below. Use the Discotech app to see who’s playing, book table service, and buy tickets to all of the clubs below.

Currently, River North is the main area of the city that houses most EDM clubs.

Sound Bar

  • Days Open: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday + Occasional Weekday Events
  • Music Type: EDM, Hip Hop, Rap
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM
  • Location: 226 W Ontario St


  • Days Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Music Type: EDM
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM
  • Location: 1543 N Kingsbury St

Tao Nightclub

  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Music Type: EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: Friday – 4:00 AM, Saturday – 5:00 AM
  • Location: 632 N Dearborn St


  • Days Open: Fridays and Saturdays
  • Guest List: Free entry for girls / $20 entry for guys before 11:00 PM
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Top 40, EDM
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 2:00 PM/3:00 PM
  • Location: 151 West Kinzie St.


  • Days Open: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Music Type: EDM, Techno, House
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM
  • Location: 3730 N Clark St


  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
  • Music Type: EDM and Hip Hop
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM
  • Location: 56 W Illinois St

Electric Hotel

  • Days Open: Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday (guest list only open on the weekends)
  • Guest List Rules: Girls on the guest list get free admission before 11:00 PM, guys on the guest list get discounted admission ($20-$40) before 11:00 PM
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of
  • Music Type: EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40
  • Club Hours: 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM/5:00 AM
  • Location: 222 W Ontario St

Chicago EDM Nightclubs FAQ

What are the most popular EDM clubs in Chicago?

Sound Bar, Electric Hotel, Tao, Prysm, Smartbar, Tunnel, Underground are the best EDM clubs in Chicago.

What are the hottest EDM clubs in Chicago right now?

The most popular Chicago EDM night clubs would have to be Prysm, Tao, Sound Bar, and Tunnel.

What time do Chicago nightclubs usually open?

Most EDM nightclubs in Chicago open around 10:00 PM.

What time do Chicago nightclubs typically close?

EDM clubs in Chicago generally close around 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM.

What are EDM clubs?

In case you couldn’t guess, Chicago EDM clubs are nightclubs that almost exclusively play electronic dance music. EDM has taken over the recent years to become the most popular genre to create a high energy vibe to dance the night away.

Which clubs in Chicago play EDM music?

Due to its popularity, most of the top Chicago clubs play EDM. Clubs like Electric Hotel, Sound Bar, Underground, Tunnel, Smartbar, Tao, and Prysm all play electronic dance music just to name a few.

How much does it cost to get into Chicago EDM clubs?

There are 4 ways to get into Chicago EDM clubs that each come with unique benefits and costs:

  • Joining a guestlist – Guest lists are an amazing way to get free or discounted entry into the top EDM clubs in Chicago, and some guest lists even come with special perks such as a complimentary drink ticket. Here is a list of every guest list club in Chicago.
  • Purchasing tickets – Buying tickets is the best way to guarantee entry into a club while still remaining cost effective. Ticket prices are going to range depending on the venue and day of the week.
  • General Admission – Paying the cover charge for general admission is usually $10 – $20 more expensive than purchasing tickets, and you aren’t guaranteed to get in the door.
  • Reserving Bottle Service – Bottle service is the most luxurious (albeit expensive) way to spend your night at an EDM nightclub in Chicago. You’ll be able to reserve a private table to become a VIP member of the club. Bottle service prices at Chicago EDM clubs can range anywhere from $400 all the way to $10,000+.

What to wear at EDM clubs in Chicago?

If you’re online trying to find what to wear to Chicago EDM clubs near me, we’ve got you covered. Dressing up before a night of debauchery is a classy way to make sure you don’t get stopped at the door before the party has even begun. Wearing a collared or form fitting shirt with slacks or jeans is always a safe bet for guys. Closed toed shoes is mandatory for guys. Women have more wiggle room to wear what they want, but you can never go wrong with heels and a dress or jeans and a nice top. Don’t wear hats, tank tops, jerseys, baggy clothes, or anything else that could be deemed as sporty.

Should I buy tickets to get into Chicago EDM clubs?

If you know what Chicago electronic venue you are interested in going, then we highly recommend getting tickets for a few different reasons. First of all, tickets are going to be $10 to $20 cheaper than the general admission cover charge. Tickets also are the most cost effective way to guarantee you’ll get inside the venue.

How can I get into Chicago nightclubs for free?

You can get into many of the best EDM nightclubs in Chicago for free or at a discounted rate by signing up for the free guest list. Joining the guest list at clubs such as Tunnel and Electric Hotel takes less than a minute and will help you avoid any pricey cover charges. You can also sign up for Chicago guest lists using the Discotech app.

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