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Edition 90: The Latest Missive From Your Community?

“I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Happy Sunday, Fam!

~ N E W S ~

Yesterday in DC, we danced on the National Mall outside the Washington Monument, kicking off Catharsis — a beautiful gathering of friends and events. Loving kindness meditation sessions, ecstatic dance, the Disco Tank(!)… we explored it all. ?❤️

As we speak, we’re dancing in NYC for our first-ever Divali celebration. This holiday exists as an incredible ✨ Festival of Lights.✨We even have the pioneer of Bhangra music in the western world, DJ Rekha, guiding our musical journey to India. ??

Buenos Aires celebrates their first Daybreaker anniversary this month! ? AND Paris just threw an epic intergalactic experience with a little side of “star wars” — check out the insta recap here in our highlights.

Ok fam, let’s keep using our dance floor to stay inspired and moving all over the world. ?

This Week’s Listen ? (pop in your earbuds)

Tune in here to our convo on The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman <<

6 Quotes to Write On Your Friendsgiving Napkins This Year ?

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
– Audrey Hepburn

“Life is a grand adventure, and you can’t go at it alone. Your community will give you wings to create fearlessly.”
– Radha Agrawal

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

“The real test of friendship is can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?”
– Eugene Kennedy

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.”
– N. R. Hart

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be.”
– Winnie The Pooh

Ok y’all, time for a dance break.?


Then Come Yoga & Dance IRL… ? A taste into what we’ve been scheming…

✨ For SF, think: an homage to hip-hop, a dancescape of breakdancers, beat-boxers, live performers, and surprises…

Hip hop ya don’t stop, SF…

For MIA, think: our first-ever Flashdance inspired morning. Dude Skywalker will drop the beats, and 3 fitness classes to choose from. Magic awaits…

Early Bird tix flew fast, MIA!

✨ For SEA, think: a cozy Seattle morning, flashes of color, firey love. Dancing, laughter, and a whole lot of magic…

Escape the chill, SEA!


Daybreaker Community Member, Brandy Monge Woke Up and Danced this Halloween! Here’s Her WOW: (words of wisdom✨)

As Lady Gaga put it, JUST DANCE!

I am always asking people:

1) How can you incorporate more movement in your day? In your life? Without noticing it? Without being in the gym??

2) How can you include more friends or family in your movement? ?

3) How can you make fitness fun?

One option is Daybreaker an early am yoga/dance/wellness party where you wake up, and dance for 2 hrs to start your day. Each party has a different theme and fun location.

Movement, Friends, Fun.? #daybreakernyc

Mischievous Mission…✨
incoming: a surprise.

Take care (package) of each other.?

You know that person you’ve been thinking about lately?

Don’t just send them a quick text; change it up!?

Grab a few of their favorite things, put a bow on it, and send it to them in the mail. Handwritten note included.

Let them know that even though you aren’t together, you’re still thinking of them “just because.”

Small acts of love leave big imprints on the soul.


This Week’s Intention✨(what if you were more open to surprises?)

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

— Joseph Campbell


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Edition 91: Hi!✨

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”- Anonymous

Happy Sunday, Daybreaker Fam!

~ N E W S ~

✓ Our holiday lineup started rolling out this past week, including our 5th Anniversary Celebration of Daybreaker.☀️ Since our move-ment first began 5 winters ago, hundreds of thousands of friendships have forged, almost half a million souls have unlocked and now the energy of this global community beats from every corner of the world. So on Friday, November 30th, meet us in our flagship city of NYC. We’ll pay homage to every human who has woken up to dance since the beginning of our time together. We’ll have special guests from around the world, a massage station, lavender mists to awaken the senses + surprises aplenty — all yours to enjoy.✨

✓ Daybreaker Philly just announced their first-ever DUSK event. This is an important moment of history for any Daybreaker city as we take the move-ment to reimagine the evening hours. Let’s tango beneath the stars and do “happy hour” differently. There’s mischief that sparkles in a silvery moon, too.?

 Keep following our adventures around the world on IG stories, where you can explore our most recent mischief in SF, Miami, Paris and NYC.

Then see you on the dance floor soon. Where? We’ll leave that up to you… ??



What Happens After You Wake Up From A Dream?: The ONE Concept You’ve Got To Explore… ?

Elliott LaRue, the ORIGINAL voice and Emcee of Daybreaker, has crafted this community-wide conversation starter?? — and it’s all for you.

Watch the vid above to noodle more. ✨?

Then click here to dance it out. ?


Then Come Yoga & Dance IRL… ?

A taste into what we’ve been scheming.

✨For SEA, think:
 our coziest sunrise of the year, pop up performances, creative pizazz, it’s dreary in Seattle; let’s add a splash of color…

T-minus 10 days, SEA…

For DC, think: one last tango before the New Year swoops, twinkly lights, nestled in a cozy winter morning, DJ Nick Garcia, magic awaits…

Early bird tix just released, DC!

✨ For LA, think: swimsuits and tinsel, a beach-inspired morning, sunny surprises, let’s go on a holiday for the holidays…

Happy Holidays, LA-style.



“If You Know You Are Missing Something In Your Life, Seek It Out.” (we love you, Shaylah!✨)

Two months ago I went to my 2nd Daybreaker. @love.radha, the CEO & co-founder of @dybrkr, told an inspiring story about the importance of community. It touched me and motivated in ways that my soul needed (but I didn’t even know how much I needed). I grabbed a copy of her book BELONG and began reading that night.

I was inspired to make a change. To let go of fear.

The next day, I sat down at a cafe and wrote my intentions, what I wanted to let go of, what I wanted more of (meaningful relationships, sense of accomplishment, etc), and a plan of simple, yet impactful actions to bring/attract these things into my life.

Since that day, my life has somewhat transformed. I have seriously been Law-of-Attracting everything I desire and need into my life!

If you know you are missing something in your life, seek it out. Do the work. Don’t expect happiness to come on its own. Take action and build a life you love. If you need some help with this, going to Daybreaker events and reading BELONG is a great place begin. ❤️



Mischievous Mission…✨
turkey day activity idea.

How to shake things up at your family Thanksgiving this year:

(turn ? the tv, turn ? the connection)

Give everyone at the table these instruction: write your name at the top of your napkin.

Use one word to describe yourself and write it below your name. ✏️

Pass your napkin to the right ➡️ and have the person next to you use one word to describe you as well. Keep doing this until all napkins have circulated.

Read them aloud and share in all the beautiful differences that make each member of your family unique. ?



This Week’s Intention✨(you matter.)

If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”

— Fred Rogers

See you on a dance floor soon! ?



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Edition 92: How To Stop Feeling Lonely

“Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested.” – Yogi Bhajan

Happy Sunday, Daybreaker Fam!

You know those lyrics from Cheers: “be glad there’s one place in the world where everybody knows your name.” These sentiments aren’t just nice ideas or catchy phrases — they’re critical to our health and happiness.

A poignant read just surfaced in the NY Times about how vital it is we “put our roots down” and participate in our chosen community. Take a few mins to read how real the loneliness epidemic is — and how you can combat the feeling.

Conversations like these are what fuel our fire and keep us creating tirelessly.

Next week, 35+ of our Daybreaker Producers and Community Catalysts will come together to explore ways to deepen the sense of belonging in Daybreaker cities across the world. This will be our Second Annual Daybreaker Producer Summit and we are concocting exciting mischief and magic for 2019.

We also announced the ?San Diego Launch? happening Saturday, December 15th. It takes a village to get the magic in motion, so if you have friends in SD, send them this link. ? Here’s to another beautiful city who’s said “F-yes” to connecting fearlessly.

Remember our move-ment exists for a reason. Next time you peruse our calendar of sunrise experiences, invite someone to come dance with you.? Find ’em here.?


THIS WEEK’S LISTEN: How To Release Your Happy Brain Chemicals (Naturally) And Stop Feeling Lonely… ?

Daybreaker co-founder, Radha, just chatted with Jim Kwik of the #KwikBrain Podcast about how despite being more connected than ever by social media — the level of loneliness people feel these days has skyrocketed.

Pop in your earbuds to hear Radha and Jim chat about things like:

How to design and create a deep sense of community with your friends and work team

✨How to release the happy brain chemicals (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins)

✨How to feel less lonely by prioritizing finding friends who give you that feeling of “ahhh, I’m home”



Then Come Dance & Yoga IRL

A taste into what we’ve been scheming…

✨For SF, imagine: our first experience outdoors at the new Winter Park at Civic Center, skate rink access, ugly sweater magic…

Early bird tix just released, SF…

For CHI, imagine: a Winter Solstice Ball, twinkle lights, igloos (you’ll see), “snowball” fights, wear something festive…

We’re taking over Stan Mansion, CHI…

✨ For MIA, imagine: floating 50 stories high to the rooftop of the W Miami, pool party, flamingos, yoga and sunshine…

Last one of 2018, MIA…


What Happened While Dancing✨

“Dancing in the morning surrounded by happy people was a spiritual experience. Today has been the best day that I’ve had in almost a year…

I’ve been surprisingly clear headed all day.

It’s amazing what a little dancing will do.” ?

– Andrea T.


Mischievous Mission✨
go plogging.

I’m sorry, what?

plogging: the act of picking up litter while you jog ?

It’s a new trend in eco-exercise. Before the temps plunge, try this out while you’re semi-bundled up. This is the time of year when outdoor cleanup efforts are neglected, so squeeze one last eco-run in of the year. ❄️

Increasing your fitness while removing litter from your local trails and city?

Momma Earth, and your body will salute you.



This Week’s Intention✨(be kind.)

To be kind is to respond with sensitivity and human warmth to the hopes and needs of others. Even the briefest touch of kindness can lighten a heavy heart. Kindness can change the lives of people.”

— Aung San Suu Kyi

See you on the dance floor soon. ?






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Edition 93: We are evolving…✨

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” — Edward Everett Hale


Happy Sunday, Fam!

Our 5 year anniversary celebration is behind us (if you weren’t there with us in NYC, check out this epic insta story highlight; the energy was unreal) What a special moment in time. We were reminded of where we came from AND caught a glimpse of the future — all at once.

We are just packing up this log cabin in Vermont where 25 of our Daybreaker cities came together to skill-share, imagine and dream up new plans for 2019 at our Annual Daybreaker Summit (pic above!). While our focus for the first five years has been about celebrating our local communities, in light of the divisiveness and separation we have all been feeling across the world, our focus for the next five years is all about UNITY and COMMUNITY. We have VERY exciting plans and will be sharing them in December.

We are evolving, fam…it’s time.  ?

In the meantime, how will you keep moving forward? What perceived limit can you fly above? Can you quiet the negative self talk for a minute? No matter what’s next on your journey, your journey is a journey because you’re still on it. And that’s a beautiful thing.  Here’s to dancing beside one another every step of the way ?….

Beginning this month! Our final sunrises of the year have all been officially announced(!!), so make sure you’ve checked out the calendar.?



“No this isn’t sweat, it’s just kombucha run-off…” 

Curiosity struck the team at the DeFranco Podcast, and they found themselves in the middle of one of our LA sunrises.✨

Watch as they attend their first ever Daybreaker to answer one Q:

“Is this an early morning dance rave, or something bigger?”



Then Come Yoga & Dance IRL… ?
a glimpse into what we’ve been scheming…

✨For LA, imagine: sun, beach vibes, and tropical surprises, divaDanielle will take us away for a while and we’ll have all your DB faves…

Early bird tix just released, LA…

For SD, imagine: Our OFFICIAL launchbeach-wearwinter-wear, fearless self expression, and magical surprises for our first moments together…

Official Launch in SD…

✨ For PHL, imagine: a moonlit tango at Warehouse on Watts, festive sweaters, snowflakes, and winter magic…

Our winter celebration in PHL




Because The Morning Should Make You Sparkle✨

(Daybreaker through the eyes of @becknarr. ?)

“I’m pretty sure I experienced heaven on earth today…?

It came in the form of yoga, dancing, best friends, community, music, history, acrobatics, and costumes.

So much sweat, laughter, and love.

Because at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty…

your hair messy…

and your eyes sparkling.”




Mischievous Mission…✨
Make your home an experience.

Want to create a special experience for anyone who enters your home?

Here’s an idea for a WALL OF LOVE❤️:

✏️ Write 20+ encouraging messages or intentions on sticky notes.

✏️ Select a wall in a common room in your home and cover it with the notes, and keep some blank notes nearby.

✏️ Each time someone visits, have them take a note, then replace that note with a written one of their own before they go.

Eventually, you’ll have curated a WALL OF LOVE that serves all who enter your ?.


This Week’s Intention?

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

— Wilfred Arlan Peterson


See you on a dance floor soon! ?



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JANUARY GLOBAL THEME: We’re Doing Something New


Welcome to the evolution of Daybreaker.

The last five years have been magic, and we are not stopping the dance, play, joy, community and special mornings we’ve created together. This is the foundation of Daybreaker and that’s not going anywhere. What we realized is that we want to unify all our cities together and be a voice for UNITY across the world in the face of all the divisiveness and walls going up. We want to hold hands and show the world that together is truly better.

So our new focus is:  GLOBAL UNITY ?.

Here are three major changes we’re making starting in January.


Monthly Global Themes.✨

From now on, each month, we’ll be dancing to ONE theme across ALL Daybreaker cities around the world. ? Imagine the entire Daybreaker community from country to country all dancing to one unified playful theme that also highlights a social cause we care about.

Monthly Global Give Back.✨

We are now a community of almost half a million which means we have the power to make a massive difference if we use it right. ? $1 of every U.S. ticket going forward will go towards a global or local charity around that month’s giveback. And if you feel called to that particular giveback, there will be an additional option for you to give even more. Let’s uplift the good stuff in the world and dance behind it hundreds of thousands strong.

Monthly Global Music Video.✨

Let’s uplevel the mischief and inspire the world. At every Daybreaker each month, we’re going to make a music video on our dance floors that highlights every city — imagine 24 cities all dressed in the same costumes, moving together to the same songsame dance move, same cause. #mindblown You and your friends from all around the world can now participate in creating a time capsule together. We’ll record clips from every city, mash them into ONE epic video that we’ll share far and wide to highlight our global theme and giveback. You’ll be sent the choreography in advance of every event. It will be simple, easy-to-learn and fun so on Daybreaker morning, when the song comes on, you’ll know what to do. ?

So without further ado…

Our January Theme Announcement✨

JANUARY is an exciting time for renewal, known for inspiring fresh starts and new beginnings. Our souls’ deepest intentions come to play and for once — we give ‘em a shot. But so often, we give up, fall short or throw in the towel come February.

Imagine if we had community members from 24 cities behind us, inspiring us to see our resolutions through.

This month, from coast-to-coast, country to country, the global theme is:

?✨DANCE DANCE RESOLUTION✨?— Daybreaker’s New Year’s celebration at sunrise.

We’ll bring to the dance floor every resolution we want for ourselves, and dance to them with conviction and the support of thousands.

They say before we go out and spark change in the world, we must first change the things that crave changing within.

Dress inspiration is ✨sparkling white.✨

This one’s all for you.


Find your city’s January event here.

Check out our Pinterest Board here.


JANUARY GIVEBACK: charity: water?



Esteban Brenman illustrated the beautiful pen and ink scene of white doves flying from a woman’s brain — a representation of the clear mindset that leads to action.

He is a Daybreaker Buenos Aires’ Community Catalyst & Producer who happens to be an epic illustrator in his spare time. When Esteban isn’t illustrating or producing Daybreaker events, you can find him running an advertising company, cooking, doing woodwork in his workshop, traveling, and enjoying time with his family.

Theme for Feb: Love ❤️. If you have an illustration idea and would like to be considered for a feature in next month’s invitations, please email

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Edition 95: Something new is brewing…

A couple weeks ago, we trickled out a secret…

Beginning in 2019, we’re tapping into a new evolution of Daybreaker. 

And this week, it begins.

After 5 years of dancing around the world together, we’re saying yes to the next phase of this move-ment. ? Stay tuned for a special announcement from our chief Mama Bear, Radha Agrawal this week to find out more.

But before we dance full charge into the future, here’s what’s happening now #livinginthemoment:

Daybreaker San Diego has officially launched. ? (If you were there, be sure to connect with your community in our SD Facebook Group.) SF kicked off the opening of Winter Park outside of the gorgeous City Hall, London danced on an ice skating rink, and sunny Miami danced 50 stories above the city on the rooftop pooldeck of W Miami.⛱

If you haven’t danced your last dance of 2018 yet, find your city below and we’ll see you on the dance floor soon.?


We’ve got some fun mischief up our sleeves.

2019, we’re coming for ya.

With love & mischief,
// Radha + Eli + Team Daybreaker

This Kid-Powered Podcast Will Inspire You to Dream Even Bigger ?

Dream Big is the #1 Ranked Podcast in the Kids & Family Section of iTunes with 9-year old Eva Karpman at the helm of every episode.?

Her interviews with guests like Kobe Bryant, Simon Sinek, and even a four star general have earned her 2 million downloads. #inspired ⭐️

Pop in your earbuds while Eva dives deep with our Daybreaker co-founder Radha Agrawal. Radha uncovers what she learned from her parents’ experience as immigrants, her personal gratitude practice, her personal big dream for the future, and much more.


Then Come Yoga & Dance IRL ? 

a glimpse into what we’ve been scheming…

✨ For BLDR, imagine: a winter wonderland in a brand new space, two fitness options, festive sweaters, and magic floating through the air like snowflakes…

Our winter solstice in BLDR

For SEA, imagine: a tropical soiree of surprises, beach-wear, island vibes, and warm sunny souls for our last sunrise of the year together…

A Happy Holi(Beach)day, SEA…

For LA, imagine: our first sunrise of the New Year, setting sail on the Hornblower, dressed in sparkling white…

Anchors away, LA…


Let Yourself Be Free✨(Daybreaker through the eyes of @carlosdelaplaya.)

“The face of a man experiencing take-off in elevations of consciousness through radical self-expression.

Thank you @daybreakermiami for so lovingly accepting me into your tribe.

Have you experienced a club dance party SOBER during broad daylight in which there is no dress code. You are free to dance on stage whether man or woman, gay or straight, black or white, fully clothed or shirtless?”

Carlos, your rock. Thank you for reminding us why we do this.❤️

Mischief Mission:
Create a Micro Giving Tree?

Here’s an idea ?

✨Set up a small tree in a common area in your home.

?Hang little gifts from the tree like chapstick, gum, yummy snacks, or notes of inspiration.

?Encourage your guests to take a small gift before leaving your space.

✨Now they’ve taken a thoughtful piece of you with them to carry today, and you get to share in the holiday spirit of giving.


This Week’s Intention?

“I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written.” 

— J. Dizon


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Edition 96: Our Holiday Wish For You✨?

Photo: @jtsuhar

Our last dances of the year have come to a close, and as we scurry off to go “home” for the holidays — we’re in awe of how you’ve re-shaped the meaning of that word for us. Home. It’s not just a place anymore — it’s a feeling.✨ It’s not dependent on a certain location anymore — it’s global, floaty and free. ?Home is no longer reserved as a space to share with relatives who have known us since the womb — home is created every time we move our bodies together and encourage each other to say YES to our primal expression of dance.

As we reflect on the year, these moments of “home” you’ve created in the sunrise have become our greatest gifts.? You’ve offered this community ultimate freedom, unity and creative expression— no fancy bows required.

Thank you for continuing to lead us home. Home to ourselves. Home to our deepest truths. Home back to what makes our souls sing.?

Our first dance floors of 2019 have been announced. See you at “home.” ?✨


Happy solstice.
Merry everything.
May the end of your year be bright.?

With love & mischief,
// Radha + Eli + Team Daybreaker

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) ☝️

News about our Daybreaker Evolution was revealed last week. If you missed it, you can catch up on the exciting deetz here. ?

Then bookmark these pages! ?

Our January dress inspiration so you can sparkle into the New Year accordingly.

Our January choreography so we can dance into 2019 together as one (you can also click to play above)?.

Our January giveback charity: water. Soak up all the awesome things they’re doing.?


Then Come Yoga & Dance?

a glimpse into what we’ve been scheming…

✨ For DC, imagine: dancing inside SAAM’s Renwick Gallery to send off “No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man” with love and mischief…

Come dance away in DC

For MIA, imagine: yoga inside the stunning Faena Forum, a Twin Hearts Meditation of Master Choa Kok Su, a soundbath, 2 fitness tracks, dancing our hearts out…

Come dance away in MIA…

For SEA, imagine: our first dance in First & Bell,  DJ Bgeezy on the ?, Shannon Eyre, dazzling surprises and so much more…

Come dance away in SEA…


We’ve Got a Bday in The Fam✨

(happy birthday to Tobey, aka @tobra133, who spent her big day dancing with us at our San Diego launch last weekend! ?)

“What a lovely birthday! A week later I am still basking in the afterglow.

Thanks #daybreaker for launching in San Diego on my birthday! And what a perfect gift to be showered in the musical talents of @tah_rei and Chance Tobar on horns.

Dancing with my love @christopherkuhlmeyand dear friends @360joules and @daybreakerlove was the perfect way to begin my birthday!

More surprises and comfort of dear friends followed. Thanks San Diego Family for reminding me of how loved I am.❤️

My 40s promise to be the best decade yet!! Much love! ?”



Mischief Mission:
Zest up your holiday messages.?

Out of office this week? ?⛷
Get creative with your email auto-response.


?Craft something heartfelt yet shareable into your auto-response. Here’s this week’s intention to make it easy (show some love to our fab @jtsuhar when shared plz?).

?Use this “OOO generator” we just found to make your contacts smile. We tried it and we’re ROFL’ing.?

? Search holiday GIFs and use them to craft a more colorful response.



This Week’s Intention?

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the light or the mirror that reflects it.” 

— Edith Wharton


May you feel home this holiday season — whatever “home” means to you.
Your Daybreaker Fam?


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Edition 97: How Friends Help Resolutions Stick ?

It’s our last missive of the year.?And like everyone else, we’re thinking about New Years’ resolutions.

So many philosophies about what makes a resolution stick are floating around out there. Some say where you live will determine your success. Others say it comes down to our individual personality or how strong our wills are.

But one study stands out. The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that people who committed their goals to friends had a 65% chance of seeing them through. Boost that up to 95% for those who met for “accountability appointments” with their Resolution Keeper.?

This stands as proof that our communities are everything. ? And this year, we dare you to dream a little wilder and reach a little higher. Say YES to that thing you think is impossible. Then breathe life into it knowing you’ve got a community of friends to support you and cheer your endeavor along every step of the way.

Happy New Years, fam.



2019, we’re comin’ for ya.?

With love & mischief,
// Radha + Eli + Team Daybreaker

PS — beginning in January, we’ll be sending Morning Mischief once a month rather than every week. This way we can be even more thoughtful about the vibes, grooves and mischief we love curating for y’all.❤️


[PODCAST] Here’s Why Community is Critical To Your Biz & Life☝️

If your New Years’ resolutions this year involve entrepreneurial endeavors, you’re gonna want to hear this.

Dance floor mama bear, Radha Agrawal sat down with Nell Daly for a session of Unscripted, a podcast of conversations — sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious — with today’s biggest thought leaders.

Here’s why creating community while building a business or a life absolutely matters.
Listen below? or watch it above.?


Then Come Yoga & Dance… ?

a glimpse into what we’ve been scheming…

✨ For PHL, imagine: glimmering from 57 stories above our city at One Liberty Observation Deck. Panoramic views, sparkling surprises…

Come dance away in PHL

For LA, imagine: greeting the New Year while sailing on the high seas at DUSK. Ocean-bound mischief awaits. Come cast away with us and dance aboard a boat…

Come dance away in LA…

For SF, imagine: a warehouse location where we’ve never danced before, wear sequins and white, bring your resolutions and let’s set the year in motion…

Come dance away in SF…


Words From Our Community✨

“287 days ago I decided to stop posting on social media, stop drowning my sorrows with booze and toxic relationships and to try my hand at making room in my life in the hopes that I may work out that whole “adulting” thing.

Ten months later loneliness and constant fear have turned into meaningful relationships with people who inspire me and re-enforced relationships with those who already did.

Can’t say it’s all rainbows and unicorns and to say it was a roller coaster is an understatement… but today I can sit through the dark and know that the light will come back, I’m not afraid of the future I’m actually excited about it. I have no idea where I’m going and I can’t wait to find out.

So thankful for the the love and a special thanks to @dybrkr for letting me get weird and wear wigs and dance myself clean. Happy New Year!!!❤️#floatingnotfalling”

– Charlie, aka @seegolightly


Mischief Mission:
Reset your mind.?

How To “Mini Mind Detox” At The Drop of A Hat
This single habit will start freshening up your mindset.

? Make Negativity A Cue For Positivity: This week, anytime a negative thought comes in your mind, get playful with the “what if” game. If you’re afraid something won’t work out, ask yourself “but what if it does?” If you think you’re not good at something, ask yourself “but what if I actually am?” Spend 30 seconds in that “dream world.”

It is human nature to be hard on ourselves and if a thought doesn’t feel good, it’s likely it’s not even true.✨


This Week’s Intention?

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

— Harriet Tubman

What dreams are you chasing this year?
Your Daybreaker Fam?



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Edition 98: Our First-Ever Global Music Video




What a magical start to 2019. ?

New Year’s Resolutions are the reason we all wake up each morning in January feeling more inspired than ever. This month, we embraced clean slates and fresh starts — and took our resolutions to the dance floor.?

Dressed in sparkling white, our move-ment uplifted intentions across the whole world. ? Together we dared to open our hearts to the New Year, dance in Unity, and say YES to things we once thought were impossible.

Held by our community, we unleashed our every wish for the year ahead. The result… our first-ever Global Music Video. Enjoy. ?

Shot on the Osmo Pocket by DJI

Choreography by Elliott LaRue

Music: FDVM “Till the Sun Comes Up”

Video by n33d Creative



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Edition 99: Our February 2019 Global Music Video

This February, we came together as a community to celebrate LOVE and UNITY. From self-love, to friendship, to familial love, we remembered that when we choose love, the heart of the world beats more fully.? And so we danced as a global community to a love of more inclusion and depth than the month of Valentines often offers. ??

Dressed in shades of red, our move-ment created another beautiful timecapsule, all yours to enjoy.✨ We proudly present to you February’s Global Music Video.

May it put some extra love in your heart. ❤️

Shot on the Osmo Pocket by DJI

Choreography by Dancing With the Stars Winner, Sharna Burgess

Music: FDVM “Love Again”

Video by n33d Creative


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