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Are You Ready For The Grand Opening Of Tao Beach?

Anyone who knows anything about the Las Vegas club scene is buzzing with excitement as Tao Beach gets ready for their grand opening on March 18th. Tao Beach is set to be one of the largest dayclubs in Las Vegas (which is an extremely impressive feat especially by Las Vegas standards) and has undergone some massive changes to become what it today.

Tao Beach Dayclub is the brainchild of the brilliant creators of the Marquee and Tao Nightclub. They have reportedly said that the renovation has left the venue unrecognizable to anyone who had visited before the transformation. Everything from the decor, sound system, DJ booths, bars, and more has been revamped to reach the next level of the clubbing experience, and in our option, all of the effort they have put into its creation has been well rewarded.

While other nightclubs were hit hard by Covid, Tao actually used it to their advantage. Before Covid had hit in 2020, Tao had closed down their top floor to get started on the renovations. While Covid did slow down the project’s construction, that only gave them more time to perfect every detail of a plan that had long been in the works. Thanks to their patience and dedication, Tao Beach has now been fully converted into the most anticipated pool party of the year!

It took more than $50 million to construct what could only be called a monument to what a great party should be, and by the looks of it, that was money well spent. Every painstaking detail has been carefully designed to enhance the experience for the guests. They wanted to make getting in and having a great time as simple as possible, so the construction team had to face some gigantic challenges along the way to make that happen. Jason Strausst, the co-CEO of the Tao Group, said it was a “herculean effort” to construct the escalator that went through the roof of the Venetian directly from the restaurant and nightclub. 

Tao Beach first opened in 2007 with a venue that was just 18,000 sq ft. The small size had always posed a problem and prevented it from being a major player in the dayclub sphere, but since the renovation, the club has expanded to 44,000 sq ft and can now hold over 3,000 people. This is a game changer, and the club has already built up a movement of people who are anxiously counting the days until its grand opening.

Located right on the strip, this personalized tropical paradise really captures the Balinese influence through its exotic and lush design, while the beautiful views allow you to fully take in the wonders of the city. Tickets and cabana/daybed reservations for the grand opening of Tao Beach are going extremely fast, but luckily, there are still some available.

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