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9 Reasons Why You Should Come to Las Vegas to Party in 2021

Have you been wondering if a Las Vegas vacay is worth it this year? Well we’ve been wondering that too, which is why we did some digging and have found that there are in fact many activities for you to do when you come to the city. If you are curious to learn what we’ve learned, check out these 9 great reasons why a Las Vegas Vacation needs to be in your calendar for 2021!

1. Pool Parties are Opening 

Image of Pool Party

By early March, many pool party venues will be back in business for the public! There will be health measures in place to help maintain the safety of all guests, but the plan to reopen is definitely in the works. Various iconic pool clubs like Encore Beach Club, Marquee Dayclub, and Daylight Beach Club will all be open at limited capacity as of March 5th, 2021. In order to gain entry you must book a reservation ahead of time, which you can do through this event calendar here. Pre-reserved tables might not be necessary once summer hits, but for now you need to book ahead of time before you show up to any venue.

2. Clubs Open at Limited Capacity

Image of Nightclub

That’s right everyone! Clubs are still open, they are simply at limited capacity to ensure the health and safety of all guests. Most places only have table reservations available, but there are a couple of venues providing guests with the option to purchase General Admission tickets as well. If you need help figuring out how each venue is operating, check out this list here to see which venues are table reservation only, and which ones include general admission tickets in their availability listings. 

3. Tentative Plans to Lift Restrictions 

Image of People at a Bar

Las Vegas has created a plan that, if all goes well, will have many more restrictions lifted by May 1st, 2021. Casinos, bars, and restaurants are currently limited to 25% capacity. By March 15th, this number is set to rise to 35% capacity. Then, on May 1st, the capacity for these establishments is expected to increase to 50%. This means that there will be more opportunity for you and your friends to snag a spot at many of the hottest places in Las Vegas, so be sure to stay tuned with their Covid protocol updates! 

Note: Other establishments, such as museums and art galleries, are already set for 50% capacity, and are scheduled to remain at this number until further notice. 

4. All Caesars Entertainment Venues Are Open

Image of Casino in Las Vegas

As of March 1st, Caesars Entertainment group reopened all of the venues that are facilitated by the company. This includes, but is not limited to: The Flamingo, Caesars Palace Resort, and Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. This giant corporation has set the tone for other hotel and casino corporations, giving the guests of Las Vegas an insanely huge pool of entertainment opportunities to choose from, and another great reason to visit the city in 2021.

5. EDC May 21st-May 23rd

Image of EDC Las Vegas

This section may not need an introduction, however if you are not familiar with the event, we recommend that you check it out. EDC is a 3 day rave set in Las Vegas that showcases all of the hottest and best EDM DJs in the world! It is still scheduled to occur this year, so if you’re interested, check out their ticket listings here to reserve a spot! 

6. Residency Artists

Image of Usher

There are still quite a few residency artists scheduled to perform this year including Usher, Sting, and Cher. These artists have multiple shows scheduled for 2021, giving you many opportunities to plan your trip around one of their performances. Check out each of their calendars to stay updated on their show dates!

7. Live Sports Viewing Parties

Image of Football Players

If clubbing indoors isn’t really your style, there is still a way for you to grab some drinks and have a crazy time with your friends! Las Vegas has a live sports viewing venue that provides guests with a fun and socially distanced way to enjoy a sports game while being served top quality bottle service. Beer Park is currently the only venue open for this purpose, but it has multiple viewings per week, making it extremely easy to grab a seat at a venue most days. Stadium Swim is another wild outdoor sports viewing venue that sits on a rooftop and features six heated pools. Guests can grab a drink, watch live sports on a 143 foot widescreen TV, and chill poolside in the great city of Las Vegas.

8. There are Plenty of Gambling Opportunities

Image of Poker Chips and Cards

With all of the Caesars Palace venues open for business, there is ample opportunity for you to gamble all night long. There are plenty of casinos to hit up along the strip, which means you can make a pretty wild night out of casino hopping!

9. March Madness 

Image of Basketball Hoop

With the indoor guest capacity restrictions set to increase to 35% this month, March Madness fans have so much more to look forward to. Las Vegas is a great location for you to enjoy the basketball games while sipping on some drinks in the warm weather of the city. Check out the live viewing parties at Beer Park to see if any of the games match up with the weekend you want to go to the city! 

After seeing all of these reasons to go to Las Vegas, we know that fighting the urge to book a trip with your friends will be nearly impossible. So check out the calendar of events here to see a comprehensive  listing of all of the pool parties, nightclub, and sports viewing events coming soon in Vegas. 

And if rooftop pool parties are something you’ve always wanted to do, be sure to check out Stadium Swim on your trip to Las Vegas!

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