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8 Reasons Why You Should Come to Miami to Party in 2021

As you may know, the state of Florida is an extremely popular place for Spring Breakers and vacationers alike, due to its warm, sunny weather and great party spots along its coasts. And if you’re looking to hit up Florida for a much needed vacation but are unsure of its position during Covid, you are in the right place. Here we have consolidated 8 reasons why you should come to Miami to Party in 2021, so check them out and see what you think! (Chances are, you’ll buy your plane ticket once you get past the fifth reason). 

1. Restrictions are Not Super Strict

Image of People Dining Outside

The governor of Florida has kept restrictions relatively low key in comparison to other states in the US, and now more than ever there are Covid-friendly things to do in Miami! Restaurants are allowed to hold 100% capacity, so long as there is 6 feet of space between each table. Guests are required to wear masks at all times, except when seated. In addition, tables are set at a capacity of 6 people per reservation, or 10 people if you live in the same household as them. With all of these safety precautions set in place, there is ample opportunity for you and your crew to hit up all of the coolest restaurants in Miami!

2. Many Clubs are Open 

Image of Downtown Miami

That’s right everyone! Most of the famous Miami clubs are back in business and eagerly awaiting your arrival. Nightclubs like E11even, Mynt, and Space are all operating once again, albeit under the Covid safety protocols that are required of them to host parties. Just a heads up, you should definitely reserve a table ahead of time because most clubs require that you book your reservation before you show up to the venue. With that being said, you can check out the reservation availability of all the clubs in Miami within this Event Tracker. Happy searching!

3. Day Clubs and Pool Parties are Open 

Image of Pool Party

The pool party scene in Miami is absolutely epic, and it would be a crime for you to visit the city without attending one of them. Places like Hyde Beach, Surfcomber Hotel, and Nikki Beach all have pool party options for you to choose from. Guests can rent out gorgeous cabanas or shaded couch areas to chill out (or day rage) with all of their friends. MAke sure you reserve a spot ahead of time! It is required that you book a table before you go just to ensure that you are guaranteed a spot during your vacation in Miami. 

4. Bars are Open

Image of Drinks in a Bar

Bars have been given the green light to open as well so long as people are seated as far away from the bar area as possible and the restaurant only holds 50% capacity. Guests are free to order drinks all night (or all day) long while in the comfort of their own seating area. This means people are free to bar hop in the city and check out all of the greatest drinks that Miami has to offer. 

5. Beaches are Open

Image of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a great way to party with your friends while staying on a budget. You can pack up your picnic bags, bring some sunscreen, and chill out in the warm, sunny Florida weather all day long with the other vacationers on the beach. You should note that Covid safety practices still apply on the beach since the state recommends that you keep your masks on and maintain a 6 feet distance from people who are not in your immediate group. 

6. Karaoke Bars are Open 

Image of Karaoke Sign

If you’ve been dreaming about attending a Karaoke bar with your friend group, Miami is the perfect place to do it! One of the options currently available is Saturday Nights at Sweet Caroline Karaoke, where you and your crew can sing your hearts out while ordering some fancy cocktails to sip on. Table reservations are also required for this venue, so check out their ticket listings before you go to Miami to reserve yourself a spot!

7. Hotels are Open

Image of Miami Beach

Yet another reason to go to Miami is because of its large selection of lavish hotels. So if you have been worrying about where the best place to stay is, you should know that hotels are still in business and that they are required to enforce strict cleaning policies at all times. We recommend that you visit the Hotel’s website or call ahead of time to inquire about the safety measures that they have in place. This will allow you to make the most logical decision for you and your friends when booking your place of residence during your stay in Miami. 

8. Private Yachts Are For Rent

Image of Yacht

If you’ve ever dreamed about raging on a private yacht, now is your time to turn that dream into a reality. One of Miami’s coolest features is its private yacht services that are available to any and all vacationers. If you are interested in learning more about how to rent your own yacht, you can reach out to us at or call us at 415-735-6716. Trust us, if this seems like something you and your friends would be down for we highly encourage you to make a reservation! Yacht parties are absolutely wild. 

There you have it everyone, these are the 8 reasons to go to Miami to party in 2021. If you are just as excited as we are to get back into the party scene in Miami, you can stay updated on which venues are reopening throughout the year by checking out this Covid Nightlife Guide! 

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