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8 Reasons Why You Should Come To Los Angeles to Party in 2021

As it nears an entire 365 days since the world stopped due to Covid, we’re sensing a change in the air. Stay at home orders are being lifted, things are slowly opening back up, and there’s a sense of collective positivity that feels like society might be back to normal soon. Well we hope that you are sensing all of these feelings too and that you are ready to get back into the groove of exploring major cities to discover all of the party opportunities they offer! If you’re just as eager as we are, check out our list of things to do in Los Angeles in 2021!

1. Stay-At-Home Order Was Lifted 

Image of Dinner Table

As of January 29th, the stay at home order for Los Angeles County was lifted! This means that restaurants are now authorized to host guests in their outdoor seating areas at 50% capacity. This also means that you and your friends can finally wine and dine at the great restaurants in LA once again. We advise you to call ahead just to be sure that the restaurant of your choice is operating as described above, as business owners may have different protocols from one another. 

2. Some Nightclubs Are Open 

Image of DJ at his Booth

We know of a few bars/nightclubs that are operating with table reservations and bottle service! The first is Academy Patio, an outdoor bar that gives off tropical vibes with its bright green grass and cabana table seating arrangements. Next is Apt. 503, which is adorned with classy decorations and features an outdoor area that guests can party in. The Classic Cat is another great option for your long-awaited bar experience that includes a fun karaoke experience for all guests. This venue is only open once a week, so make sure to lock down your table reservation before you go to Los Angeles! 

3. Insomniac’s Electric Mile

Image of Insomniac's Electric Mile

Insomniac’s Electric Mile is a drive-thru experience that immerses its audience in an alternate reality immersed in lights, music, and sound. As guests drive down the electric mile, they will visit seven different “worlds” that allow them to experience all of the excitement in the safety of their own car. If you’re interested in checking out the event, you can view their ticket listings here

4. Park ‘N Raves (Santa Anita Park)

Image of Park 'N Raves

In addition to Insomniac’s Electric Mile, Park ‘N Raves are another way to experience festivals in a safe and fun way. These are outdoor, drive-in EDM concerts that provide rave fanatics with a way to safely party during these trying times. If you are interested to learn more about what to expect at these events, check out our guide to surviving your first Park ‘N Rave. If you are already familiar with how they work, then check out the ticket listings here to snag yourself a spot at one of the next scheduled events!

5. Breweries and Wineries

Image of wine glass at vineyard

Breweries and wineries are allowing guests to visit so long as everyone remains outdoors. There are many venues open for events like these, such as Highland Park Brewery and Cobblestone Vineyards. These are great places to hit up if you want more of a low key outing with your friends while having the opportunity to enjoy beverages throughout the entirety of your day. 

6. Casinos

Image of playing cards at casino

Yet another reason to go to Los Angeles is because of its large selection of casinos! There are quite a few venues that provide guests with a great, alternative way to party with their friends. The layout of these casinos is a bit different during Covid since all game tables are placed outside. However the rush and thrill of gambling with your buddies is still very present in the atmosphere that the casinos provide.

7. Panoramic Views

Image of Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles has many different areas that you can travel to, either by foot or by car, that showcase gorgeous panoramic views that overlook large parts of the city. You and your friends can grab some food and beverages from downtown and head on up to one of these viewpoints to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery that LA has to offer. Saturday picnic brunch with mimosas and a gorgeous view, anyone?

8. The Beach

Image of Venice Beach

The beaches of Los Angeles are another great place to have a picnic brunch with your friends. Santa Monica Beach is a great place for outings like this due to its close proximity to the 3rd Street Promenade. You can grab food and drinks from the bars and restaurants just a few blocks away from the water and then head down to the beach area to relax in the warm LA sun. There are also three other areas to choose from: Venice Beach, Will Rogers State Beach, and Malibu Beach, so be sure to look these up on your next trip to the city!

With these 8 reasons to go to Los Angeles, we know it’s going to be incredibly hard not to book plane tickets soon. But if you feel like waiting a bit before booking anything, you can stay updated with the latest news for which clubs are reopening by checking out this Covid Nightlife Guide! The guide is frequently updated so that you can stay on top of the latest nightlife news at all times. 

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