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7 Reasons Why You Should Come to San Diego to Party in 2021

Filled with tons of different beaches, restaurants, and surf spots, San Diego is an amazing place to consider when making plans for a vacation. Of course, the coronavirus has made things complicated for knowing which kinds of places are open for business, but we have done the research and are prepared to tell you what kinds of things are available when you go. Check out our list of things to do in San Diego so that you can get an idea of how to party in the city this year! (As of 3/15/2021)

1. The Pool House – Day Club and Nightclub 

The Pool House San Diego

The Pool House is a beautiful rooftop bar that lies on the well-known 5th avenue in San Diego. From here, guests can sip their drinks poolside while relaxing on a daybed and enjoying the gorgeous views of the city. Additionally, they have a wide selection of tasty food to order if you’re ever in the mood to snack during your visit here. What is great about this venue is that you have two options to choose from! You can stop by during the day to relax, or you can cruise in at nighttime to view the ever more beautiful scenery that San Diego showcases at dusk. With its relaxing vibes and ambiance, The Pool House is sure to be a much needed break from your typical workday so check it out on your next trip to the city!

2. Live Music Venues Are Open

Image of Live Music Venue San Diego

There are tons of live music venues that you can check out on your trip to SD! The House of Blues has both a live music area and a restaurant/bar, so it is great for a night out with your friends. The Observatory is a great spot to check out if you are a rock or pop music fanatic, as they frequently have musical talent that fits these genres. On the other hand, Soma is a great spot to hit up for those of us who are more into alternative-rock concerts, like singer LP. If you are interested in any of these live music establishments, be sure to check them out before you stop by San Diego!  

3. Quartyard 

Image of The Quartyard San Diego

The Quartyard is extremely unique to the city. This venue is made out of old shipping containers, giving guests a cool bar and restaurant experience that is both beautiful and grungy. They are celebrated for their large selection of food, beer, and coffee that guests can snack on while they enjoy the unique art decorations that surround the venue. If this sounds like something you’re into, be sure to check out the Quartyard!

4. Beer and Wine Festival

Image of Beer on Tap

This June, Del Mar Fairgrounds is hosting the San Diego International Beer Festival! Here, guests will have the opportunity to taste hundreds of tasty beers over the course of the weekend. But if you prefer wine over beer, there is no need to worry. There will be one day dedicated to all of the wine fanatics out there, in which you will be able to taste test dozens of up and coming award winning brands. In addition, the festival will host a Strongman Competition where some of the most talented weight training athletes compete in various competitions for a chance to win the Strongman title. In our opinion, this sounds like some amazing entertainment, so book your tickets soon!

5.  South Bay Drive-In Theater

Image of Drive in Theater

Open nightly, the South Bay Drive-In Theater is a great place to hang with your friends in San Diego! You can watch movies in the ambiance of a 1950s movie showing, enjoying the warm San Diego air as day turns to dusk. If you’ve never experienced a drive in, we highly recommend that you grab a ticket! 

6. San Diego Beaches 

Image of San Diego Beach

There are dozens of different San Diego beaches to choose from, such as Windansea Beach, Mission Bay, and Point Loma Beach. This is a great way for you and your vacation crew to grab some food and beverages and head on down to the beautiful waters in southern California. Picnics, sun bathing, and getting in the water are all available for you to experience, so make sure to check out some beaches on your next trip to SD!

7. Ballparks and Theme Parks Tentatively Opening

Image of Baseball Park

By April 1st, San Diego County is planning to slowly reopen the ball parks and theme parks that reside in the city. The intention is to initially open them up to 50% capacity, which holds great promise for the later summer months. Be sure to stay updated with the plans to reopen by checking out the websites to these venues, because plans may differ in the future!

With all of these changes taking place, we know it is hard to stay updated on which things have or have not reopened. But we hope that these 7 reasons to party in San Diego have given you a better idea on what to expect when you get to the city. If you would like to stay updated on what venues are open and which ones aren’t, check out this Covid Nightlife Guide.

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